HC Deb 06 February 1973 vol 850 cc56-7W
28. Mr. Dixon

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services whether he will consider legislation whereby an applicant for supplement benefits would be required to state what the amount of his financial assets was three months before the date of application, and to ensure that this figure should be taken as the basis for assessing his entitlement to supplementary benefits.

Mr. Dean

No. Supplementary benefit is intended to meet current needs and must therefore be based on a person's financial position at the time he claims. The Ministry of Social Security Act provides that if a person deliberately deprives himself of resources in order to obtain benefit the resources may be taken into account as if they were still his.

32. Mr. David James

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services whether, in computing sickness or supplementary benefit rates, allowance is made for any maintenance, alimony, or other court order against the sick person.

Mr. Dean

An increase of sickness benefit may be paid for a claimant's wife and for his dependent children, whether or not they are living with him, providing they are normally maintained by him. Supplementary benefit is not ordinarily increased to enable a claimant to comply with a court order, except where the order is in respect of the maintenance of a child living permanently with the mother and non-payment would clearly cause hardship to the mother.

50. Mr. Alec Jones

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services what is the total number of long-term unemployed men and women, separately, who have exhausted their right to unemployment benefit; and how many of them have been denied supplementary benefit.

Mr. Dean

On 6th November 1972, the latest date for which figures are available, 196,040 men and 14,487 women registered as unemployed had exhausted their entitlement to unemployment benefit. Of these, 43,496 men and 4,043 women were not receiving supplementary benefit.

51. Mr. Fernyhough

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services what was the average weekly amount paid to those receiving wage-related unemployment and sickness benefit during the last six months to the nearest available date.

Mr. Dean

The average amount of benefit paid to persons getting an earnings related supplement with unemployment benefit or sickness benefit during the last six months is estimated to be approximately as follows:

Benefit Single persons Married men Married men with two children
£ £ £
Unemployment benefit 11.75 16.30 19.60
Sickness benefit 11.95 16.50 19.80