HL Deb 11 April 1973 vol 341 cc758-61WA

asked Her Majesty's Government:

  1. (1) how many motor car and motor cycle trials or rallies took place in the Brecon Beacons National Park in each of the years, 1970, 1971 and 1972;
  2. (2) the name of each club taking part in these rallies and the number of vehicles in each rally;
  3. (3) the day of the week on which each rally took place;
  4. (4) the starting and finishing time of each event;
  5. (5) whether police permission was given on each occasion;
  6. (6) which local authorities were informed and whether they granted their permission;
  7. 759
  8. (7) how were the public informed of these rallies and how long before each event.


Government Departments do not keep records of motor rallies which are autho

Club Date Cars
Herefordshire M.C. 10th/l1th January 75
Bridgend A.C. 21st/22nd February 90
Herefordshire M.C. 14th/15th March 120
University College of Swansea M.C. 28th February/1st March 90
Swansea M.C. 11th/12th March 120
Aberdare M.C. 18th/19th April 120
Girling A.C. 21st/22nd March 75
Aberdare M.C. 14th June 60
Carmarthen M.C. 27th/28th June 75
Abergavenny A.C. 1st/2nd August 100
Aberdare M.C. 18th/19th July 75
Blackmill & District M.C. 23rd/24th May 75
Sevenoaks & District M.C. 26th/27th September 75
Newport C.C. 27th/28th June 75
South Wales A.C. 2lst/22nd November 120
Swansea M.C. 12th/l3th September 70
Craven M.C. 24th/25th October 100
Oxford C.D.C. 19th/20th December 120
Port Talbot M.C. 20th/21st January 90
Dursley M.C. & L.C.C. 23rd/24th January 90
Girling A.C. 30th/31st January 75
University College of Swansea M.C. 27th/28th February 120
Saunders Valves C.C. 6th/7th March 75
Herefordshire M.C. 13th/14th March 120
South Wales A.C. 8th/10th May 180
Brecon M.C. 10th/11th April 120
Cardiff Colleges M.C. 13th/14th February 120
Swansea M.C. 27th/28th March 120
Aberdare M.C. 17th/l8th April 120
Birmingham S.C. 11th July 90
Brecon M.C. 21st/22nd August 120
Welsh Counties C.C. 28th/29th August 120
Tredegar A.C. 18th/19th September 70
Vintage M.C.C. (S.W. Wales Section) 25th July 50
Port Talbot M.C. 31st July/1st August 75
Redditch C.C. 6th/7th November 100
University College of Swansea M.C. 13th/14th November 90
Oxford University M.D.C. 4th/5th December 120
Port Talbot M.C. 11th/12th December 120
Sixty & Worcester M.C. 15th/16th January 90
Quinton M.C. 12th/l3th February 120
University College of Swansea M.C. 26th/27th February 120
Saunders Valves M.C. 4th/5th March 75
Herefordshire M.C. 20th/21st May 120
Aberdare M.C. 11th June 60
Port Talbot M.C. 8th/9th July 90
Abergavenny A.C. 29th/30th julv 100
Vintage M.C.C. 23rd July 50
Brecon M.C. 19th/20th August 120
Ludlow Castle M.C. 12th/13th August 120
Veteran C.C. of G.B. 17th/23rd September 65
Blackmill & District M.C. 14th/l5th October 90
University College of Swansea M.C. 11th/12th November 90
Pontypridd A.C. 7th/8th October 75

rised by the Royal Automobile Club. The full details asked for by the noble Lord are not available, but from the information available to the R.A.C. I understand that there was a total of 59 events held in the Brecon Beacons National Park area during the years 1970, 1971 and 1972. The name of each club, date of the event, together with an approximate number of competitors, is as follows:

Club Date Cars
Forresters C.C. 28th/29th October 75
Wolverhampton & S.Staffs.M.C. 11th November 180
South Wales A.C. 25th/26thNovember 120
Plaid Cymru Neath Branch 2nd September 40
Aberdare M.C. 9th/10th December 120

Events involving not more than 12 vehicles do not normally require the R.A.C. authorisation.

The start and finish times of the events listed are not available but where two dates are given it indicates an overnight event.

The Motor Vehicles (Competition and Trials) Regulations 1969 do not require local authorities to be informed of art event, but they require the R.A.C., before authorising an event, to notify the chief constable of the area in which it is to take place and to consult with the appropriate local planning authority if it is to be held in the area of a National Park.

As regards informing the public, the R.A.C. encourage clubs to undertake public relations work but cannot require them to do so. Organisers generally conscientiously try to establish good relations with local residents before a rally takes place. One of the recognised ways of doing this is to distribute explanatory leaflets to local residences in advance of the holding of a rally.