HC Deb 03 April 1973 vol 854 cc63-5W
Mr. John Morris

asked the Minister of State for Defence whether he will list the units that have served in Northern Ireland, and the periods they have served since August 1969.

Mr. Blaker

The following units have served since the date mentioned:


Royal Marines

  • 40 Commando, Royal Marines.
  • 41 Commando, Royal Marines.
  • 42 Commando, Royal Marines.
  • 45 Commando, Royal Marines.

Royal Armoured Corps

  • The Life Guards.
  • The Blues and Royals.
  • The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.
  • 4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards.
  • The Royal Scots Greys.
  • The Queen's Own Hussars.
  • 9th/12th Royal Lancers.
  • The Royal Hussars.
  • 13th/18th Royal Hussars.
  • 14/20th King's Hussars.
  • 15/19th The King's Royal Hussars.
  • 16/5th The Queen's Royal Lancers.
  • 17/21st Lancers.
  • 1st Royal Tank Regiment.
  • 4th Royal Tank Regiment.
  • Parachute Squadron, Royal Armoured Corps.
  • Light Squadron, The Royal Hussars.

Royal Artillery

  • 1st Royal Horse Artillery.
  • 2nd Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.
  • 3rd Royal Horse Artillery.
  • 4th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.
  • 5th Light Regiment, Royal Artillery.
  • 7th Parachute Regiment, Royal Artillery.
  • 12th Light Air Defence Regiment, Royal Artillery.
  • 14th Light Regiment, Royal Artillery.
  • 16th Light Air Defence Regiment, Royal Artillery.
  • 19th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.
  • 20th Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery.


  • 22nd Light Air Defence Regiment, Royal Artillery.
  • 24th Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery.
  • 25th Light Regiment, Royal Artillery.
  • 27th Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery.
  • 29th Commando Regiment, Royal Artillery.
  • 32nd Heavy Regiment, Royal Artillery.
  • 39th Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery.
  • 42nd Heavy Regiment, Royal Artillery.
  • 45th Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery.
  • 47th Light Regiment, Royal Artillery.
  • 49th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.
  • 50th Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery.

Royal Engineers

  • 21st Engineer Regiment.
  • 22nd Engineer Regiment.
  • 23rd Engineer Regiment.
  • 35th Engineer Regiment.
  • 1st Field Squadron.
  • 3rd Field Squadron.
  • 4th Field Squadron.
  • 5th Field Squadron.
  • 6th Field Support Squadron.
  • 7th Field Squadron.
  • 8th Field Squadron.
  • 9th Independent Parachute Squadron, RE.
  • 11th Field Squadron.
  • 16th Field Squadron.
  • 20th Field Squadron.
  • 25th Field Squadron.
  • 30th Field Squadron.
  • 32nd Field Squadron.
  • 33rd Field Squadron.
  • 34th Field Squadron.
  • 37th Field Squadron.
  • 39th Field Squadron.
  • 42nd Field Squadron.
  • 43rd Field Support Squadron.
  • 48th Field Squadron.
  • 50th Field Squadron.
  • 53rd Field Squadron.
  • 59th Independent Commando Squadron, RE
  • 60th Field Squadron.


  • 1st Grenadier Guards.
  • 2nd Grenadier Guards.
  • 1st Coldstream Guards.
  • 2nd Coldstream Guards.
  • 1st Scots Guards.
  • 2nd Scots Guards.
  • 1st Welsh Guards.
  • 1st The Royal Scots.
  • 1st The Queen's Regiment.
  • 2nd The Queen's Regiment.
  • 3rd The Queen's Regiment.
  • 1st The King's Own Royal Border Regiment.
  • 1st The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.
  • 2nd The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.
  • 3rd The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.
  • 1st King's Regiment.
  • 1st The Royal Anglian Regiment.
  • 2nd The Royal Anglian Regiment.
  • 3rd The Royal Anglian Regiment.
  • 4th The Royal Anglian Regiment.
  • 1st The Devonshire and Dorset Regiment.
  • 1st The Light Infantry.
  • 2nd The Light Infantry.
  • 3rd The Light Infantry.
  • 1st The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire.
  • 1st The Green Howards.
  • 1st The Royal Highland Fusiliers.
  • 1st The Cheshire Regiment.


  • 1st The Royal Welch Fusiliers.
  • 1st The Royal Regiment of Wales.
  • 1st The King's Own Scottish Borderers.
  • 1st The Gloucestershire Regiment.
  • 1st The Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment.
  • 1st The Queen's Lancashire Regiment.
  • 1st The Duke of Wellington's Regiment.
  • 1st The Royal Hampshire Regiment.
  • 1st The Staffordshire Regiment.
  • 1st The Black Watch.
  • 1st The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment.
  • 1st Queen's Own Highlanders.
  • 1st The Gordon Highlanders.
  • 1st The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.
  • 1st The Parachute Regiment.
  • 2nd The Parachute Regiment.
  • 3rd The Parachute Regiment.
  • 1st The Royal Green Jackets.
  • 2nd The Royal Green Jackets.
  • 3rd The Royal Green Jackets.
  • Guards Independent Parachute Company.

RAF Regiment

  • 2nd Sqn. RAF Regiment.
  • 15 Sqn. RAF Regiment.
  • 16 Sqn. RAF Regiment.
  • 37 Sqn. RAF Regiment.
  • 48 Sqn. RAF Regiment.
The duration of service varies, but the maximum amounts to 28 months in the case of a unit which has completed an accompanied tour.