HC Deb 19 October 1972 vol 843 cc134-5W
Mr. Bishop

asked the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry if he will list the financial aid loans, grants, &c., provided to private companies in the aircraft, shipbuilding, electronics and other industries

1970–71 1971–72 (Provisional)
£m. £m.
Aircraft Industry
Concorde 65.1 74.1 Development and production contracts—Civil Aviation Act 1949 and the Industrial Expansion Act 1968.
RB 211 12.1 69.0 Launching Aid Civil Aviation Act 1949.
Other Aircraft and Aero-engine projects 5.5 1.2
Rolls Royce 30.0 25.0 Rolls Royce (Purchase) Act 1971.
Beagle Aircraft Ltd. 2.4 0.1 Liquidation—Appropriation Act.
Short Bros. & Harland 1.3 Loan—Appropriation Act.
Shipbuilding Industry
Cammell Laird (Shipbuilding and Engineers) Ltd. 1.5 Share Purchase—Appropriation Act.
Vickers Ltd. 0.1 Grant—Appropriation Act.
Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Ltd. 7.4 Grants and Loans to Liquidator—Appropriation Act.
Other 9.3 5.6 Grants and Loans—Shipbuilding Industry Act 1967.
Electronics Industry
Computers Merger (ICL) 3.3 2.3 Research and Development Grants—Industrial Expansion Act 1968.
Other Industries
Aluminium 12.0 10.1 Loans—Industrial Expansion Act 1968.
Hotel 2.0 5.6 Grants and Loans—Development of Tourism Act 1969.
General Assistance
Investment Grants 547.9 470.3 Industrial Development Act 1966.
Regional Assistance 45.4 49.2 Grants and Loans—Local Employment Acts 1960–70 and Investment and Building Grants Act 1971.
Industrial Reorganisation 40.9 4.6 Loans and Investments—Industrial Reorganisation Corporation Act 1966 and Industry Act 1971.
1. Forecast assistance to industry in 1972–73 including assistance under the Industry Act 1972 is set out in the 1972–73 Revised Estimates (H.C. Paper 313). Since these were prepared the Government announced (on 3rd July, 1972) further Research and Development support to I.C.L. by way of launching aid of £14.2m. under the Science and Technology Act 1965.
2. The above figures represent gross disbursements and do not take account of repayments of loans made in previous years or other receipts (e.g. under aircraft launching aid agreements). They exclude certain forms of indirect assistance such as collaborative development contracts, pre-production order purchases, assistance through the National Research Development Corporation, National Film Finance Corporation, etc.—[Vol. 839, c. 35.]

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