HC Deb 01 May 1972 vol 836 c57W

In the Netherlands and Belgium, value added tax is charged at rates of 4 per cent. and 6 per cent. on sales of works of art and antiques. In Luxembourg the standard rate of 10 per cent. applies. In Germany, works of art are charged at a rate of 5½ per cent. but antiques appear to be charged at the standard rate of 11 per cent. In France, value added tax does not apply to antiques and works of art sold at public auction sales, but such sales are liable to a special registration tax of 7 per cent. other sales of works of art and antiques by dealers are liable to value added tax generally at the standard rate of 23 per cent. on the dealer's margin, with the optional alternative, in the case of works of art, of tax on 30 per cent. of the selling price.

Other Countries

Italy charges a general turnover tax of 4 per cent. (with special provisions relating to pictures by dead artists). Switzerland charges a single stage turnover tax. The rates for antiques and works of art are 6 per cent. if sold for resale and 4 per cent. otherwise.