HC Deb 25 January 1972 vol 829 cc380-1W
Mr. Bryant Godman Irvine

asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food whether he will end the practice of the Forestry Commission requiring that a licence should be obtained before trees affected by elm disease are felled, in view of the fact that this requirement, by delaying felling, increases the risk of infection spreading to other trees.

Mr. Anthony Stodart

In the great majority of cases, including those where a felling notice has been served by a local authority, licences are not required for felling infectious elms. There is, however, one remaining technical exception, which the Forestry Commission is seeking to remove in regulations which will be shortly laid before Parliament. I would like to emphasise that only recently dead or very badly affected elms need be felled in order to check the spread of the disease, as these are the source of infection.

Name of Company Number of Shares Total Value (Nominal) £
Avoncroft Cattle Breeders Ltd. 1 1.00
Blaenpenal and District Agricultural Co-operative Society 1 1.00
Brandsby Agricultural Trading Association 1 1.00
Carmarthen Farmers Co-operative Society Ltd. 4 1.00
Clynderwen and District Farmers Association Ltd. 1 1.00
Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd. 56 280.00
Eastern Counties Farmers Ltd. 80 20.00
Eifionydd Farmers Association Ltd. 5 5.00
Foel Agricultural Co-operative Society Ltd. 1 0.50
Gloucestershire Marketing Society 250 250.00
Haverfordwest Agricultural Co-operative Society Ltd. 1 1.00
Hitchen Bacon Factory Ltd. (in liquidation) 200 200.00
Isle of Scilly Growers Ltd. 10 10.00
Kent Wool Growers Limited 1 1.00
Kintyre Farmers Ltd. 5 5.00
Littleton & Badsey Growers Ltd. 150½ 150.50
Lyonesse Growers Ltd. 1 1.00
Midland Shires Farmers Ltd. 21 10.50
National Seeds Development Organisation Ltd. 8 8.00
North Cardiganshire Farmers Co-operative Society 2 2.00
North Devon Farmers Trading Society 2 8.00
North Western Farmers Ltd. 25 25.00
Nursery Trades (Lee Valley) Ltd. 317 317.00
Preston & District Farmers Trading Society Ltd. 10 5.00
Pumpsaint and District Agricultural Co-operative Society Ltd. 2 2.00
South Western Farmers 10 10.00
Southern Counties Agricultural Trading Society 30 30.00
St. Edmunds Bacon Factory Ltd. 136 136.00
Thames Valley Eggs Ltd. 487 487.00
West Breconshire Farmers Association Ltd. 1 1.00
West Cumberland Farmers Trading Society Limited 40 40.00
West Midland Farmers Association Ltd. 8 8.00
Yorks and Northern Wool Growers Ltd. 1 1.00
Yorkshire Egg Producers Ltd. 412 206.00
Yorkshire Farmers Bacon Factory (1932) Ltd. 378 94.50

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