HC Deb 02 August 1972 vol 842 cc154-6W
Mr. Spriggs

asked the Attorney-General if he will now consider introducing legislation to define the duties of the Official Solicitor.

The Attorney-General

Since the Official Solicitor acts when asked to do so by the Court pursuant to rules of the Supreme Court, or, as regards persons committed to prison for contempt, pursuant to the Lord Chancellor's general direction dated 29th May, 1963—a copy of which is reproduced below—it is neither possible nor desirable to define his duties by Statute.

The General Direction dated 29th May, 1963

I, THE RIGHT HONOURABLE REGINALD EDWARD, BARON DILHORNE, do hereby DIRECT that the Official Solicitor to the Supreme Court of Judicature do review all cases of persons committed to prisons for contempt of Court, do take such action as he may deem necessary thereon and do report thereon quarterly on the 31st day of January, the 30th day of April, the 31st day of July and the 31st day of October in every year.

Dated the 29th day of May 1963.


Net Total Overseas Aid
Original and Revised Estimates 1972–73 £ £
Class II, 2. Foreign and Commonwealth Services:
C.12 Central African Pension Fund 142,406
C.13 Anguilla: Expenses of H.M. Commissioner's Administration 80,000
E.1 United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (Grant in Aid) 1,875,000
E.2 United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (Grant in Aid) 180,000
E.18 United Nations Educational and Training Programme for Southern Africa (Grant in Aid) 50,000
Class II, 5. Overseas Aid (International):
Total Estimate constituting direct public expenditure 195,721,000
Less: items not classified as overseas aid (Subheads M1 M2, M3 and N) 2,013,700
Class II, 6. Overseas Aid (General Services):
Total Estimate 38,962,000
Less: amount not classified as overseas aid (Subhead A (Part)) 250,000
Class IV, 13. Export Credits (Special Guarantees, etc.)
Subhead C (Part) Acquisition of Guaranteed securities 1,999,990
Class VI, 5. Civil Accommodation Services, etc. United Kingdom (Revised Estimate):
Subhead A (Part) new works on specialised buildings 52,000
Subhead C (Part) rents of specialised buildings 69,000
Class XI, 3. Pensions, etc. (Overseas Services):
Subhead A. Superannuation and other payments to and in respect of certain Overseas pensioners and their dependants (1) and (2) (Part) 11,570,000
Subhead E. Other Superannuation payments Parts (2) to (5) and (8) 1,614,880
Subhead F. Pensions, etc. on Account of Service at the Central Office of the Overseas Audit Denartment 18,000
Subhead Z. Appropriations in Aid Part (1) Recoveries from the Federal Republic of Nigeria in respect of pensions, compensation, etc. (Subhead A(l)and (2)) Less 200,000
Summer Supplementary Estimates
Class II, 5. Overseas Aid (International):
Total Supplementary Estimate 27,059,000

The net investment by the Commonwealth Development Corporation and the cashing on the National Loan Fund of promissory notes, issued to the International Development Association under the International Development Association Act 1964, estimated at £16.3 millions and £2.7 millions respectively, are also classified as overseas aid.

The classification of the Central African Pension Fund contribution is under review.