HC Deb 05 May 1971 vol 816 cc383-5W
Mr. Sillars

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what is the budget of the Factory Inspectorate in Hong Kong, and how many inspectors are employed per 1,000 employees.

Mr. Anthony Royle

The approved budget of the Factory Inspectorate in Hong Kong for 1971–72 is Hong Kong $4,634,000.

Based on the approved establishment of the Inspectorate—which includes factory and labour inspectors—and the size of the labour force in registered and recorded industrial undertakings, there is 1 inspector employed per 4,000 industrial employees.

Mr. Sillars

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs how many fatal industrial accidents per 1,000 employees occurred in Hong Kong in 1970, and how this compares with the previous five years.

Mr. Anthony Royle

The figures based on reported industrial and occupational accidents in registered, recorded and registrable industrial undertakings for the last 5 years are as follows:

Fatal Accidents Total Employed June Rate per 1,000 employed in registered and recorded industrial undertakings
1966–67 33 383,809 0.0860
1967–68 23 433,843 0.0530
1968–69 28 472,210 0.0593
1969 27 535,335 0.0504
1970 38 577,978 0.0657

The rate of accidents shown in the above table does not take into account the number of employees in registrable industrial undertakings which are not as yet recorded or registered with the Labour Department.

Mr. Sillars

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what was the expenditure in each of the past five years in Hong Kong's programmes for promoting employment opportunities, developing technical education, and improving health service provision.

Mr. Anthony Royle

Unemployment is at present negligible. Hong Kong's technical education and related programmes comprise institutional facilities at the Hong Kong Technical College, the Morrison Hill Technical Institute, and Government and Government-assisted secondary technical schools, secondary modern schools and pre-vocational schools. Over the past five years expenditure in the field of technical education was as follows:

Year Capital (Building and Equipment) Re-current Total
$ million $ million $ million
1966–67 4.0 12.3 16.3
1967–68 1.2 13.0 14.2
1968–69 1.5 15.1 16.6
1969–70 5.6 17.0 22.6
1970–71 5.5 20.5 26.0

These figures exclude expenditure at both universities in the training of engineers, architects, etc.

Hong Kong's general health services include Government and Government-aided hospitals, out-patient clinic facili-

Capital (Building and Equipment) Recurrent
Year Government Subvented Government Subvented
1966–67 15,236,622 45,478,728 112,713,222 45,478,728
1967–68 7,439,173 46,341,311 120,524,934 46,341,311
1968–69 8,420,115 52,457,856 133,582,644 52,457,856
1969–70 11,434,288 57,732,380 148,239,041 57,732,380
1970–71 13,935,000 64,023,600 174,000,000 62,966,000

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