HC Deb 22 March 1971 vol 814 cc25-6W
104. Dame Patricia Hornsby-Smith

aske the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry what, on average, is the margin of preference applying to the importation

1970 £m. Rate of import duty (Commonwealth Preferential Rate)
Refined copper 62.8 Free
Nickel ores and concentrates 51.0
Wheat 47.3 Free*
Aluminium and alloys unwrought 43.6 Free
Coniferous lumber 35.7 Free
Nickel and alloys unwrought 35.2 Free
Iron ore 27.2 Free
Newsprint 26.4 Free
Sulphate Wood Pulp 18.8 Free
Tobacco 16.3 Depending on moisture content, £4.9640 or £5.0060 per lb.
Barley 15.7 Free*
Kraft paper 15.1 Free
* Subject to a variable levy.

of goods from the United Kingdom and Canada as against, respectively, the general tariff and the 96 non-British nations covered by the Most Favoured Nations tariff procedure.

Mr. Noble

I regret that this information is not available.

105. Dame Patricia Hornsby-Smith

asked the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry what, by value, are the 12 major imports from Canada to the United Kingdom; and what tariff or quotas apply to such imports.

Mr. Noble

The Answer is given in the following table. Imports of the twelve major items from Canada are not subject to quotas.