HC Deb 22 March 1971 vol 814 cc22-4W
Mr. Michael Roberts

asked the Secretary of State for Wales if he will increase the minor works allocations to those local education authorities which have special needs.

Mr. Peter Thomas

Yes. I am increasing the allocation for 1971–72 by £0.125 million. I will shortly notify those authorities which will receive additional resources because of their special needs. These additional resources will cover also minor works at aided schools, which are administered directly by my Department. The allocation for 1972–73 which I shall be announcing later this year will be similarly increased by £0.125 million. The total school building programme for Wales at the present cost limits will now

Companies to whom licences have been issued Counties in which areas have been licensed
Grizzly Exploration (U.K.) Limited Salop, Stafford, Worcester, Warwick, Derby, Leicester, Nottingham, Chester, Gloucester, Wiltshire, Somerset.
BP Petroleum Development Limited Derby, Nottingham, Lincoln, York (North and East Riding), Lancaster, Leicester, Buckingham, Dorset, Midlothian.
BP Petroleum Development Limited jointly with The Gas Council. Lincoln, York, Norfolk, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Wiltshire, Dorset, Chester, Lancaster, Stafford, The Minches.
BP Petroleum Development Limited jointly with Home Oil of Canada Limited. York (North Riding), Durham.
BP Petroleum Development Limited jointly with Imperial Chemical Industries Limited. York (North and East Riding).
BP Petroleum Development Limited jointly with Esso Petroleum Company Limited. Surrey.
Esso Petroleum Company Limited Surrey.
Place Oil & Gas Company (U.K.) Limited Lincoln, Norfolk.
Empress Gas (U.K.) Limited Lincoln.
The Burmah Oil Exploration Company Limited jointly with Murphy Petroleum Limited and North Sea Ventures Limited. York (North Riding).
Superior Oil (U.K.) Limited Dorset, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridge.
Ball & Collins (Oil & Gas) Limited Lincoln, Norfolk, East Lothian, Berwick.
Seaboard Oils Limited Lancaster, Westmorland, Chester, Flint, Monmouth, Gloucester, Somerset, Fife, East Lothian, West Lothian, Midlothian, Stirling.
Conoco Limited jointly with Envoy Oil Limited, Marathon Petroleum (G.B.) Limited and Duntex Petroleum (U.K.) Limited. Norfolk.
Total Oil Marine Limited jointly with Coastal Oil Company Limited, Elf Oil Exploration and Production (U.K.) Limited, Eurafrep Company Limited, Cofrasea Oil Company Limited and Coparex North Sea Petroleum Company Limited. York (North Riding).
Caprock Oil Company Limited Fife, Kinross, Perth, Clackmannan, Stirling, Dunbarton.

be £12 million, both in 1971–72 and 1972–73.