HC Deb 09 July 1971 vol 820 cc469-71W
Mr. Clinton Davis

asked the Secretary of State for the Environment (1) if he will publish in the OFFICIAL REPORT the criteria which govern his decisions whether pedestrian crossings are to be permitted in various localities, and, in particular, whether such crossings should be divided by a road island;

(2) what is the average period of time taken by his Department to determine whether a local authority should install a pedestrian crossing.

Mr. Peyton

Outside London local authorities determine whether zebra crossings should be installed on their own roads, within a numerical quota based on population. In London the G.L.C. will shortly take over this responsibility. The Department's criteria, including advice on divided crossings, are issued as circulars. I am sending copies to the hon. Member.

living, the availability of jobs, staff employed in his Department, the cost of administration of his Department and days lost through strikes, on 18th June, 1970, compared with 18th June, 1971; and how these figures compare with the year ended June, 1970.

Mr. Dudley Smith

Following is the available information:

Mr. Clinton Davis

asked the Secretary of State for the Environment what research has been undertaken by his Department to determine whether pedestrian crossings divided by road islands are less hazardous than those which are not.

Mr. Peyton

The Road Research Laboratory carried out studies of the relative safety of zebra crossings with and without central islands in 1951 and 1961. A further study is in progress.

Mr. Clinton Davis

asked the Secretary of State for the Environment how many applications made by local authorities for the installation of pedestrian crossings were agreed, and how many rejected, by his Department in England and Wales, in Inner and Greater London, and in the London Borough of Hackney, respectively, in each of the years between 1965 and 1970.

Mr. Eldon Griffiths

This information is not available and would be too costly to obtain. Installation of pedestrian crossings was in any case delegated to local authorities in 1968.