HC Deb 05 July 1971 vol 820 cc280-2W
Mrs. Renée Short

asked the Secretary of State for Social Services if he will publish in the OFFICIAL REPORT the number of full-time equivalent or maximum part-time equivalent, whichever is the more convenient, consultant gynaecologists in each regional hospital board area, and the total population served by each board.

Mr. Alison

Following is the information:

Region Population Consultant. in Terms of Whole-Time Equivalents
Newcastle Region 3,108,500
Newcastle Regional Hospital Board 34.2
United Newcastle Board of Governors 4.6
Leeds Region 3,221,600
Leeds Regional Hospital Board 21.7
United Leeds Board of Governors 2.9
Sheffield Region 4,647,100
Sheffield Regional Hospital Board 25.2
United Sheffield Board of Governors 2.7
East Anglian Region 1,753,100
East Anglian Regional Hospital Board 11.6
United Cambridge Board of Governors 2.2
Metropolitan Regions 14,394,600
North West Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board (4,169,800) 36.9
North East politan Regional Hospital Board (3,405,200) 33.0
South East Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board (3,558,900) 27.9
South West Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board (3,260,700) 27.6
London Teaching Hospitals 44.7

Region Population Consultants(in Terms of Whole-Time Equivalents)
Oxford Region 1,960,700
Oxford Regional Hospital Board 13.2
United Oxford Board of Governors 4.6
South Western Region 3,141,900
South Western Regional Hospital Board 22.9
United Bristol Board of Governors 2.5
Birmingham Region 5,178,00
Birmingham Regional Hospital Board 37.5
United Birmingham Board of Governors 7.0
Manchester Region 4,569,800
Manchester Regional Hospital Board 38.4
United Manchester Board of Governors 4.4
Liverpool Region 2,273,900
Liverpool Regional Hospital Board 18.5
United Liverpool Board of Governors 4.1
Wessex Region 2,004,600
Wessex Regional Hospital Board 16·8
Wales 2,733,900
Welsh Hospital Board 24.3
United Cardiff Board of Governors 2.6


  1. 1. The table relates to all medical staff holding permanent paid (whole-time or part-time) and honorary appointments in the National Health Service hospital service. Staff holding only locum appointments are excluded.
  2. 2. In calculating whole-time equivalents, consultants employed on a maximum part-time basis have been included as 9/11 of the whole-time, even though they are expected to undertake a substantially whole-time commitment.
  3. 3. The figures provided are for gynaecology and obstetrics. The specialties are combined for statistical purposes and it is not possible to provide separate figures for gynaecology.
  4. 4. Hospitals may provide a service for patients outside their own Region; this applies particularly in London, especially to the Postgraduate Teaching Hospitals.