HC Deb 01 July 1971 vol 820 cc201-2W
Mr. Laurance Reed

asked the Secretary of State for the Environment when retiring at or after age 60 with a minimum of 10 years' reckonable service are eligible to receive in respect of each year of reckonable service a non-contributory pension of 1 /80th, and an associated lump sum of 3/80ths, of their average salary over the last three years of service. The maximum service reckonable up to the retiring age is 40 years and the maximum at any age 45 years.

Assuming 40 years' reckonable service and that they had been on the maximum of the appropriate salary scale during their last three years of service, the pensions and lump sums for which senior chief executive officers and assistant secretaries would have been eligible on retirement on 31st December, 1970, would have been:

Senior Chief Assistant
Executive Officer Secretary
Pension Lump Sum Pension Lump Sum
£ £ £ £
2,052 6,156 2,570 7,710

Since 1963 the salaries of the senior chief executive officer (now senior principal) and the assistant secretary grades have increased as follows:

the Interdepartmental Working Party on Sludge Disposal in Liverpool Bay will complete their investigations and report.

Mr. Graham Page

The experimental field work has been completed and the Working Party expects to report later this year. The report has been delayed a little mainly because since my hon. Friend answered his hon. Friend's Question last January, it was decided to extend the sea-bed sampling programme, and it is thought that the study is the most comprehensive of its kind carried out anywhere in the world.