HC Deb 25 February 1971 vol 812 cc206-8W
62 and 63. Mr. Robert Hughes

asked the Secretary of State for Employment (1) when the Robens Committee on safety and health was appointed; and what is the membership of the Committee;

(2) how many times the Robens Committee on safety and health has met; and what organisations have so far given written or oral evidence to the Committee.

Mr. Dudley Smith

The Robens Committee on Safety and Health at Work was announced on 29th May, 1970. In addition to Lord Robens, its members are: Mr. G.H. Beeby, Miss Mervyn Pike, M.P., Mr. S.A. Robinson, Miss Anne Shaw, Sir Brian Windeyer, F.R.C.P., F.R.C.S., Professor J.C. Wood, C.B.E., LL.M.

Since its appointment the Committee has met on 21 occasions and has received written evidence from 88 organisations. The Committee is soon to begin taking oral evidence. The list of organisations is as follows:

List of organisations which have submitted writen evidence

  • Agricultural Research Council.
  • Association of Public Health Inspectors.
  • Association of Officers of the Ministry of Labour.
  • Association of County Councils in Scotland.
  • Association of Teachers in Technical Institutions.
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.
  • British Medical Association.
  • Building Research Station.
  • British Standards Institution.
  • British Non-Ferrous Metals Federation.
  • British Insurance Association.
  • British Safety Council.
  • Chemical & Allied Products Industrial Training Board.
  • Chief Medical Officers' Group.
  • Confederation of British Industry.
  • Council of Engineering Institutions.
  • Civil Service National Whitley Council (Staff Side).
  • Council of Industrial Design.
  • Central Electricity Generating Board.
  • Central Training Council.
  • Chief Fire Officers' Association.
  • County Councils Association.
  • Counties of Cities Association.
  • Committee of Vice-Chancellors & Principals of Universities in the U.K.
  • Council of Ironfoundry Associations.
  • Ministry of Defence.
  • Dock & Harbour Authorities' Association.
  • Department of Education and Science.
  • Department of Employment.
  • Department of the Environment.
  • Ergonomics Research Society.
  • Electricity Council and Area Boards in England and Wales.
  • Enginering Industry Training Board.
  • Engineering Employers' Federation.
  • Engineer Surveyors' Association.
  • Fire Brigades Union.
  • Food Manufacturers' Federation.
  • Fowler Davies & Co.
  • Forestry Commission.
  • Greater London Council.
  • Home Office.
  • Hull & District Industrial Safety Council.
  • Heating and Ventilating Research Association.
  • Department of Health and Social Security.
  • Institute of Personnel Management.
  • Industrial Society.
  • Institute of Industrial Safety Officers.
  • Institution of Professional Civil Servants.
  • Institute of Shops Act Administration.
  • Institute of Petroleum.
  • Inner London Education Authority.
  • Joint Committee on Building Legislation.
  • London Transport.
  • Lightguards Limited.
  • Lloyd's.
  • Medical Commission on Accident Prevention.
  • Medical Directors of Industrial Group Health Services.
  • National Union of Students.
  • National Union of Agricultural and Allied Workers.
  • National and Local Government Officers Association.
  • National Farmers' Union.
  • National Union of Teachers.
  • National Federation of Meat Traders' Associations.
  • National Coal Board.
  • National Federation of Demolition Contractors.
  • Post Office.
  • Procter & Gamble.
  • Petroleum Industry Training Board.
  • Royal College of Nursing.
  • RoSPA.
  • Royal Institute of British Architects.
  • Soap Candle and Edible Fat Trades Employers' Federation.
  • Safety in Mines Research Establishment.
  • Society of Labour Lawyers.
  • Society of Occupational Medicine.
  • Sanitary Inspectors' Association of Scotland.
  • Scottish Office.
  • Science Research Council.
  • Scottish T.U.C.
  • Shipbuilding Industry Training Board.
  • Social Science Research Council.
  • Society for Radiological Protection.
  • Transport and General Workers' Union.
  • T.U.C.
  • Department of Trade and Industry.
  • Union of Shop Distributive and Allied Workers.
  • Urban District Councils Association.
  • United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority.

Mr. Robert Hughes

asked the Secretary of State for Employment if he will give the date on which he expects the Robens Committee on Safety and Health to report.

Mr. Dudley Smith

I cannot as yet give a firm date. This is an extremely complex field, but as I stated in the House on 12th February, the Committee is pressing ahead as fast as it can and is making good progress.

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