HC Deb 20 December 1971 vol 828 cc233-5W
54. Mr. Bishop

asked the Secretary of Trade and Industry if he will now make a statement on the price of Concorde.

57. Mr. William Rodgers

asked the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry whether he will now make a full statement on the agreement concerning the selling price of Concorde reached between his right hon. Friend the Minister for Aerospace and M. Jean Chamant, in view of the disclosure of new information in Paris on 15th December.

Mr. Corfield

At our meeting on 7th December, M. Chamant and I agreed on the pricing formula to be adopted by the manufacturers in their negotiations with the first three option holding airlines. We agreed not to reveal this formula in order not to prejudice the outcome of the negotiations. I have not yet been able to ascertain precisely what transpired but I will inform the House at the first opportunity.

Mr. Hayhoe

asked the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry (1) whether the noise produced by Concorde aircraft at take-off and at landing will be less than that produced under similar conditions by jumbo jets;

(2) what estimates have been made of the noise nuisance produced by Concorde aircraft on take-off and at landing; and how these estimates compare with the noise levels experienced with the latest versions of the VC10, Boeing 707 and Boeing 747.

Mr. Corfield

The manufacturers estimate that the noise levels of Concorde on entry into service will compare as follows (figures in E.P.N.D.b. on the basis of the requirements of I.C.A.O. Annex 16):

Lateral noise on take-off Flyover noise after take-off Approach noise on landing Total
Boeing 707–320C 108 114 120 342
VC10 113 110 115 338
Boeing 747–100 102 115 113 330
Boeing 747–200B 98 108 109 315
Concorde 111 114 115 340

The figures for the Boeing 747 are, respectively, for the aircraft on initial entry into service—747–100—and estimates for the latest version, the -200B with new air inlet, which is now going into production.

Mr. Hayhoe

asked the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry whether the levels of acceptable noise laid down for subsonic jets at take-off will be exceeded by the version of Concorde which is intended for commercial airline service.

Mr. Corfield

The design aim is that Concorde's noise should be comparable to that of existing jet aircraft, and on this basis it should be able to meet airport noise standards.

Mr. Warren

asked the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry if aircraft performance and maintenance guarantees are being offered to prospective customers of the Concorde.

Mr. Corfield

The manufacturers are currently in discussion with airlines about their requirements and the guarantees necessary to negotiate sales contracts.

Mr. Marten

asked the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry what is the total labour force employed on the Concorde directly and indirectly, respectively.

Mr. Corfield

Approximately 26,000 people are at present directly dependent on the Concorde project. It is estimated that about 10.000 of these are direct workers, and 16.000 indirect.