HC Deb 16 December 1971 vol 828 cc170-3W
Mr. Redmond

asked the Secretary of State for Employment when he will implement the provisions of the Industrial Relations Act, 1971, which confer new rights on workers in relation to unfair dismissal and trade union membership.

Section of the Act Subject matter of provisions
(a) Trade Union Membership and Activities
5–6 Rights of workers to belong to a trade union or not to belong to a trade union or organisation of workers.
7 Pre-entry closed shop agreements to be void.
10 Reference to industrial tribunal of disputes relating to appropriate contributions and payments to charity by conscientious objectors.
(b) Unfair Dismissal
22–30 and 33 (insofar as not already in operation). Unfair dismissal provisions.
151 Period of continuous employment.
(c) Contracts of Employment Act 1963
19–21 and Schedule 2 Amendments to certain provisions of the Contracts of Employment Act 1963.
66 and 70 Unfair industrial practice in connection with the guiding principles for organisations of workers or employers.
96 Inducement of, or threat to induce, breach of contract.
97 Industrial action in support of an unfair industrial practice.
98 Industrial action against extraneous parties.
81–83 Investigations by the registrar into breaches of rules and of guiding principles.
103–104 Complaint by registrar to Industrial Court in consequence of application under section 81 or section 83.
100 (so far as not already in operation). Extended scope of industrial tribunals.
106 Complaint to industrial tribunal of unfair industrial practice under section 5 or section 22.
107 Complaint by individual of unfair industrial practice under section 66 or section 70 or of breach of rules.
108 Complaint by registrar to industrial tribunal in consequence of application under section 81.
109 Determination of complaint under section 107 or section 108.
111 Transfer of cases between industrial tribunals and Industrial Court.
123 Annual report of the Commission on Industrial Relations.
128 No compulsion to work or to take part in industrial action.
131 Avoidance of encroachment on jurisdiction of Industrial Court or of industrial tribunals.
132 Refers to acts done in contemplation or furtherance of an industrial dispute.
133 Repeals section 4 of the Conspiracy and Protection of Property Act 1875 and section 31 of the Electricity (Supply) Act 1919 which apply to gas, water and electricity supply.
134 Peaceful picketing.
136 (so far as not already in operation). General restrictions on jurisdiction of Industrial Court.
137 Application of Part VII to Scotland.

Mr. R. Carr

I propose shortly to lay before Parliament a Commencement Order bringing into force Part II and Schedule 2 of the Act on Monday, 28th February. Certain other parts of the Act will come into force at the same time. The full list of provisions brought into effect by the Commencement Order will be as follows:

Section of the Act Subject matter of provisions
146 Appointment and functions of Conciliation Officers.
152 and Schedule 7 Amendment to certain provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Employment Act 1959.
147 The effect of strike notice.
148 Teacher in state aided school dismissed on requirement of local education authority.
149 Race Relations Act 1968.
Schedule of the Act Subject matter of Schedule
3 Part IV (so far as not already in operation). Disclosure of information.
8 and 9 Consequential amendments and repeals of other legislation including repeals of the Trade Union Act 1906 and Trade Union Act 1965.

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