HC Deb 15 December 1971 vol 828 cc128-9W
124. Mr. James Hill

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department which local authorities have taken advantage of the £170,000 made available by the Government for housing aid centres to help areas of special need.

Mr. Sharples

There is no fixed prior allocation of funds for this purpose. Housing authorities are free to set up or assist housing aid centres, and those whose areas have special social needs may include such projects among those for which they seek urban programme grant. Thirty-eight authorities in England have so far received approvals for such grant, in respect of a total of 43 projects. Seventeen of these approvals were of capital expenditure amounting in total to £200,000; the other 26 approvals related to non-capital commitments amounting in total to £92,000 annually.

Following are the details:

January, 1971 Capital Non-capital (per annum for 5 years unless otherwise stated)
£ £
Hackney 25,000
Hammersmith 19,250
Haringey 5,000
Lambeth 5,000
Southwark 6,800
Tower Hamlets 5,000*
Birkenhead 5,000
Blackburn 2,000
Gateshead 600
Leeds 10,350
Liverpool 4,500
Manchester 6,500
Newcastle-on-Tyne 6,800†
Norwich 10,000
Nottingham 10,000
Salford 40,000
Sheffield 2,000
Slough 3,626
Stockport 2,000
Totals £127,600 £41,826
Grand Total £169,426
Approvals given in August, 1971 Capital £ Non-capital (per annum for 5 years unless otherwise stated)£
Brent 4,000
Camden 10,000
Greenwich 2,500
Islington 6,200
Lewisham 5,000
Greater London Council 2,000
Barrow 1,000
Birmingham 4,000
Bradford 3,000
Bristol 2,500
Coventry 2,500
Newcastle-on-Tyne 2,000
Portsmouth 1,500
Southampton 2,000
Stockport 1,500
Slough 1,000
Total £50,700
Approvals given in October, 1971
Barnsley 10,000
Barrow 10,000
Doncaster 10,000
Kingston-on-Hull 10,000
Liverpool 6,000
Newcastle-on-Tyne 10,000
Pontefract 5,000
Teesside 10,700
Total £71,700

In addition, grant-aid under the Urban Programme has been given to a number of local authorities for the purpose of employing additional staff to deal with housing problems arising in their areas. All approved projects attract 75 per cent. Exchequer grant.

* One year only.

† Includes Family Advice centre.