HC Deb 28 April 1971 vol 816 cc160-2W
Mr. J. H. Osborn

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer what is now the average weekly take-home pay for both men and women now in employment, both before and after all deductions for tax and national insurance; what is the equiva

£'s per week
1971* 1970* 1965*
Average weekly earnings of male manual workers (over 21)†
(i) Before tax etc. 28.05 24.85 19.60
(ii) After tax and national insurance etc. contributions‡ 20.26 17.94 14.83
Average weekly earnings of female manual workers (over 21)†
(i) Before tax etc. 14.00 12.10 9.60
(ii) After tax and national insurance contributions‡ 11.20 9.90 8.22
National insurance etc. contributions by employers do not vary with family circumstances. For an adult worker the contributions are‡:
Male 1.767 1.527 1.03
Female 1.021 0.921 0.58
* The most recent average earnings figures are for October, 1970. In each of the three years shown the figures are the averages recorded at the previous October.
† Assumed to be single persons with no other income and with no dependants.
‡ For 1971 the tax and contribution rates used were those announced in the Budget. For the two earlier years the rates used were those in force for the fiscal years 1970–71 and 1965–66. Contributions are those for persons not contracted out of the graduated pension scheme.

lent contribution by employers for single persons, married persons, and married persons with two children, respectively; and how these figures compare with a year ago, and five years ago.

Mr. Higgins

Following is the information: