HC Deb 09 November 1970 vol 806 cc46-8W
Sir A. Meyer

asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food whether he will give up-to-date figures, from information available to him from international sources, comparing United Kingdom guaranteed prices for agricultural products with the target and intervention prices in the European Economic Community for all products covered by the British price review system.

Commodity s. d. Commodity u.a. per metric ton s. d.
(c) per cwt.
Fat Cattle (per live cwt.) 232 6 Cattle (liveweight)
Guide price for fat cattle 680.0 287 11
Intervention price (d)
Fat Pigs (per score deadweight) (subject to adjustment under the feed formula and flexible guarantee arrangements) (e) 50 11 Pigs (slaughtered) per score
Basic price 772.5 58 5
Intervention price (from 85% to 92% of basic price) 656.5 to 49 8 to
710.7 53 9
per gall.
Milk (average per gallon for a standard quantity; milk in excess of this quantity is paid for at a lower price) 4 1.25 Milk (3.7% fat content) Common target price 103.0 4 0
Powdered Skimmed Milk per cwt.
Intervention price 412.5 174 7
Intervention price 1,735.0 734 6
Wheat (per cwt.) 31 3 Soft Wheat
Target price (Duisberg) 106.25 45 0
Basic intervention price 98.75 41 10
Lowest intervention price (Chateauroux) 91.41 38 8
Barley (per cwt.) 28 0 Barley
Target price (Duisberg) 95.44 40 5
Basic intervention price 88.48 37 6
Lowest intervention price (Chateauroux) 79.26 33 7
Rye (per cwt.) 21 7 Rye
Target price (Duisberg) 97.50 41 3
Basic intervention price 91.0 38 6
Lowest intervention price (Le Puy) 79.98 33 10
Sugar Beet (per ton, 16 per cent. sugar content) 139 0 Sugar Beet per ton
Minimum price for beet (16 per cent. sugar content):
Basic quota 17.0 143 4
Without basic quota 10.0 85 0
Target price (refined sugar) 223.5 1,891 8
Intervention price (refined sugar) 212.3 1,796 8
Fat Sheep and Lambs (per lb. estimated dressed carcase weight) 4 0.25 There are no target or intervention prices for these commodities within the Community
Hen (per dozen) 3 4.64
Duck (per dozen) 2 2.76
Wool (per lb.) 4 5.25
Oats (per cwt.) 27 10
Potatoes (per ton) 317 6
(a) UK guarantee years:
April-March for fat cattle, fat pigs, milk sugar beet, fat sheep and eggs (hen and duck);
May-April for wool;
July-June for cereals;
August-July for potatoes.
(b) EEC price seasons:
July-June for sugar beet;
August-July for cattle, milk and milk products, and cereals;
November-October for pigs.
(c) u.a. =; unit of account, which is equivalent to US $1.
(d) Intervention measures may be taken if the market price is less than 98% of the Community guide price and is less than 93% of the guide price in at least one region of the Community; intervention measures must be taken if the market price is less than 93% of the guide price.
(e) for week beginning 9th November there is an addition of 2s. 6d. to the guaranteed price under the feed formula arrangements. No adjustment is currently required under the flexible guarantee arrangement.
Sources: Adjustment of Agricultural Guaranteed Prices (Cmnd. 4498); and Official Journals of EEC Legislation series.

Mr. Anthony Stodart

The information is as follows: