HC Deb 06 November 1970 vol 805 c481W
Mr. Weitzman

asked the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications if he will give a general direction to the Post Office to take steps to reduce the burden of producing new telephone directories which will be caused by the increasing use of postcodes in each postal district.

Mr. Chataway

No. Compilation and production of telephone directories is a matter for the Post Office.

Quoted Equity Shares
Chrysler (UK) Ltd. 7,561,140 Preferred Ordinary Shares of 4s.
George Kent Ltd 3,017,577 Ordinary Shares of 10s.
1,244,180 Deferred Ordinary Shares of 10s.
*Brown Bayley Steels Ltd. 2,404,000 Ordinary Shares.
*Ransome, Hoffman, Pollard Ltd. 1,200,000 Deferred Ordinary Shares of 5s.
155,000 Ordinary Shares of 5s.
The Laird Group 4,900,830 Ordinary Shares of 5s.
* All the shares in Brown Bayley Steels Ltd. and some of those in Ransome, Hoffman, Pollard Ltd. are held through the wholly owned and unquoted Brown Bayley Ltd.

Unquoted Equity Shares
*Brown Bayley Ltd. 2,215,082 Ordinary Shares of £1.
Nuclear Enterprises 7,353 'B' Ordinary Shares of £1.
British Nuclear Design & Construction Ltd. 260,000 Ordinary Shares of £1.
The Nuclear Power Group 150,000 Ordinary Shares of £1.
Herbert Ingersoll 38,250 'A' Ordinary Shares of £1.
36,750 'B' Ordinary Shares of £1.
* The bulk of the assets is represented by the holdings in Brown Bayley Steels Ltd. and Ransome, Hoffman, Pollard Ltd.