HC Deb 21 May 1969 vol 784 cc81-2W
Mr. Dobson

asked the Minister of Technology whether he will now make a further statement about appointments to the Metrication Board.

Mr. Benn

In addition to the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Director whose appointments I have already announced, I have now appointed as members of the Metrication Board:

  • Mrs. Ailsa Stanley, J.P.
  • Mr. Herbert J. Cruickshank, C.B.E.
  • Mr. Alan G. Dawtry, C.B.E.
  • Mr. Edward F. Knight.
  • Professor M. L. McGlashan.
  • Sir Thomas Padmore, G.C.B.
  • Dr. F. Lincoln Ralphs.
  • Mr. Mark Abrams.

I propose to make a number of further appointments in due course. Mr. F. Howard Whitaker, C.M.G., O.B.E., has also been appointed Secretary to the Board.

I have given the Board the following terms of reference:

  1. "1. The Board shall facilitate the transition from the use of existing systems of weights and measures in the United Kingdom to the metric system on the assumption that the end of 1975 should be the target operative date for all provisional programmes, with the qualification that if this date proves to be unreasonable for any particular sector, the programme for that sector may aim at an earlier or later date.
  2. 2. In particular the Board are required:
    1. (a) to examine in consultation with such organisations and persons as the Board consider appropriate the problems involved in the transition;
    2. 82
    3. (b) to advise the responsible Minister on the implications of the change to the metric system in each sector of the economy and, so far as practicable, the costs and other considerations involved, including any legislative changes which may be judged necessary;
    4. (c) to make generally available information and advice on the co-ordination of timetables and programmes for the change in the various sectors of the economy;
    5. (d) to furnish to any enquirer information and advice about the metric system and measurements and to publish, whether by advertisement or otherwise, such information as the Board may think useful for familiarising the public with the metric system;
    6. (e) to ensure that the relevant educational interests are kept fully and continually informed of plans and progress for metrication;
    7. (f) to make investigations and surveys for obtaining information relevant to the performance of any of the duties of the Board;
    8. (g) to give such assistance to the Government as Departments may request in connection with the preparation or amendment of any legislation needed to permit the wider use of the metric system; and
    9. (h) to give such other assistance as the Government may require in the implementation of Government policy on the adoption of the metric system.
  3. 3. The Board shall report annually to the Minister of Technology on the performance of their duties in a form suitable for publication."

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