HC Deb 23 October 1968 vol 770 cc296-8W
Mr. Hector Hughes

asked the Secretary of State for Defence if he will state the cost during each of the last five years of the Fisheries Patrol Squadrons in the North Sea and the names, nature and offences of all of the incidents in which they were involved for the protection of British fishing fleets.

Dr. David Owen

The six coastal minesweepers of the Fishery Protection Squadron which provide the main naval Fishery Protection effort in the North Sea, are not permanently allocated to any specific area or fishing fleet: they are available for duty anywhere around the coast of the United Kingdom. Their running and maintenance costs are between £700,000 and £800,000 a year.

No detailed records of incidents before the introduction of the 1964 Limits Act are available. Since then, there have been 80 incidents leading to 76 arrests in Home Waters, of which about one-third relate to the North Sea/East Coast/ Thames Estuary areas.

Details of incidents involving the Fishery Protection Squadron in Home Waters since 1964 are as follows:—

Date Vessel Offence
12th August, 1965 Annie Joelle (EL 5432) Illegal fishing.
N. O. Des Ondes (EL 5350) Illegal fishing.
Lysanne (EL 5433) Illegal fishing.
1st September, 1965 La Conquerante (SB 1388) Illegal fishing (net offence).
7th September, 1965 Venus (EX 609) Illegal fishing.
3rd November, 1965 Belle Chantal (CH 4378) Illegal fishing.
4th January, 1966 Bienhereuse Therese (CN 1892) Illegal fishing (net offence).
21st January, 1966 La Jaconie (EL 5414) Net offence.
30th March, 1966 Enfant D'Arvor (BR 7496) Scalloping inside limits.
23rd April, 1966 Notre Dame De La Route (L 5288) Net offence.
24th April 1966 Marieanne De Bretagne (CH 4260) Net offence.
19th July, 1966 Angela (SC 24) Illegal fishing.
24th July, 1966 Gloire A Marie (B 2976) Net offence.
17th August, 1966 St. Agnes Bernadette (B 2657) Net offence.
25th August, 1966 Christine Chamalsilne (CH 4486) Illegal fishing.
20th August, 1966 — (VL 14) Illegal fishing.
— (VL84) Illegal fishing.
6th September, 1966 Virgo Sancta (B 2943) Illegal fishing.
23rd September, 1966 Notre Dame De La Mer (CN 2601) Illegal fishing.
24th November, 1966 Notre Dame Des Dunes (B 2863) Net offence.
25th November, 1966 Josette Luccavolle (CH 4508) Illegal fishing.
22nd December, 1966 — (N 819) Net offence.
7th February, 1967 Hubertine Madeleine (O 204) Net offence.
2nd March, 1967 Veronique Anne (E 5773) Net offence.
20th April, 1967 — (CM 3071) Illegal crabbing. Warned and released.
29th April, 1967 — (CPT 3173) (Russian) Illegal fishing.
21st June, 1967 Pilote Fromont (DI 1649) Illegal fishing.
26th June, 1967 Sinai (EL 5446) Illegal fishing.
30th June, 1967 Josette Luc Cavolle (CH 4508) Net offence (2nd offence).
1st July, 1967 Nelly Maccarty (HG 189) (Danish) Fishing inside limits.
22nd July, 1967 Rubjerelit (S 412) Illegal fishing.
29th July, 1967 — (WEA 148) (Polish) Illegal fishing.
— (WEA 105) (Polish) Illegal fishing.
— (HEL 114) (Polish) Illegal fishing.
13th August, 1967 — (HEL 113) (Polish) Illegal fishing.
15th August, 1967 Wiron III (UM 221) Illegal fishing.
17th August, 1967 Elly (VL73) Illegal fishing.
Sakina Martine (KW 32) Illegal fishing.
26th August, 1967 Gerdientzie Jannie (SCH 48) Illegal fishing.
7th September, 1967 St. Agnes Bernadette (B 2657) Illegal fishing (2nd offence).
22nd September, 1967 Gloire A Marie (B 2976) Illegal fishing (2nd offence).
Sainte Josse (B 2917) Illegal fishing.
4th November, 1967 Marie Simone (DG 2007) Illegal fishing and net offence
15th November, 1967 Chenonceaux (DZ 4063) Illegal fishing.
18th November, 1967 — (EL 5435) Net offence.
21st November, 1967 Le Clapetis (LR 5052) Net offence.
28th November, 1967 Keinaq (GY 654) Illegal fishing Firth of Forth.
4th December, 1967 Marieanne De Bretagne (CH 4260) Illegal fishing (2nd offence).
10th December, 1967 Toute Passe (AV 2139) Illegal fishing.
29th February, 1968 Abbe Pierre (L 5089) Net offence.
1st March, 1968 Ludovic Pierre (L 5426) Net offence
12th March, 1968 Ile De Pantellaria (EL 5411) Net offence.
10th July, 1968 Marie Clare (CM 3074) Illegal fishing.
14th July, 1968 — (SCH 374) Illegal fishing.
— (SCH 118) Illegal fishing.
6th August, 1968 Kavholm(R411K) Illegal fishing.
14th August, 1968 — (WR99) Poaching (Wash area).
— (WR 147) Poaching.
18th August, 1968 — (MPPT 10) (Russian) Illegal fishing.
5th September, 1968 Virgo Maria (B 2786) Illegal fishing and net offence.
Calopin (B 3021) Net offence.