HC Deb 18 November 1968 vol 773 cc181-4W
34. Mr. Palmer

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will make available a list to date of all exchanges which have taken place between this country and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in the scientific and technological fields under the terms of the Agreement made between Her Majesty's Government and the Government of the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics in 1965 and renewed in 1967.

Mr. Goronwy Roberts

Yes. The following is the list:


Under both Agreements Articles II and III provide for exchanges in the fields of Science and of Technology respectively.

Scientific Exchanges

Article II, 1965–67 Agreement

Paragraph (1) provided that both Parties should encourage exchanges between the Royal Society and the Soviet Academy of Sciences in accordance with the direct agreement between these two bodies. This Agreement provided for an annual exchange of four scientists for periods of up to three weeks, of a senior scientist for approximately two months and two scientific research workers for research work for a period of up to ten months.

Paragraph (2) provided that both sides should facilitate mutually acceptable visits of scientific workers for the purposes of carrying out scientific research, it being agreed that the visitors pay their own expenses. The arrangements at the British end are largely in the hands of the Department of Education and Science and the British Council. During the period of the Agreement 40 Soviet scientists visited the United Kingdom and 11 British scientists visited the Soviet Union.

Article II, 1967–69 Agreement

Paragraph 1 again refers to the direct exchanges between the Royal Society and the Soviet Academy of Sciences. The scale of exchanges recorded in the Agreement is an annual exchange of four scientists for short visits of up to three weeks, three scientists for periods of between one and two months and four research workers for periods of up to ten months.

Paragraph 2 repeats the permissive clause of the previous Agreement. To date 34 Soviet Scientists have visited the United Kingdom and 9 British scientists have visited the Soviet Union. Nominations have been made for visits by two more Soviet scientists and five more British scientists before the expiry of the Agreement.

Paragraph 3 provided for an exchange in the first year of the Agreement, with the receiving side paying internal expenses, of up to three scientific workers for a total of up to six man-months and of up to three scientific workers for a total of up to six man-weeks. In fact five British scientific workers visited the Soviet Union. There were 3 nominations from the Soviet side, of which two took place and one has been indefinitely postponed.

It was subsequently agreed with the Soviet authorities that the exchanges under paragraph (3) should be increased in the second year of the Agreement to up to ten scientific workers from each side for a total of up to twenty man-months and up to four Scientific workers for a total of up to twelve man-weeks. To date five Soviet scientists have visited this country and one British scientist has visited the Soviet Union. Nominations have been made for visits by seven more Soviet scientists and nine more British scientists.

Article III 1965–67 Agreement

This provided for the facilitating of visits by individuals and delegations at the expense of the sending side in a variety of fields of interest. Under paragraphs (1) and (2) the following exchanges took place:

to the U.S.S.R.:

5 specialists

6 delegations (casting equipment; accident prevention; solid engineering research, friction materials, plastics; footwear manufacture)

to the U.K.:

1 specialist

5 delegations (building materials; transport engineering; casting equipment, information specialists; light industry).

Under paragraph (3) an exchange each way of six-man delegations in the field of architecture and construction was arranged.

Under paragraph (4) there was an exchange of three-man delegations to study teaching methods and techniques in the field of industrial design.

Article III 1967–69 Agreement

Under paragraphs (1) and (2) an exchange of delegations of specialists in coal research has taken place. The visits of two further British delegations in braking equipment and coke research are under consideration.

Under paragraph (3) there has so far been one exchange of delegations to study problems in the field of standardisation and metrology.