HC Deb 13 May 1968 vol 764 cc185-6W
Sir C. Osborne

asked the Minister of Social Security if she will investigate the case sent to her by the hon. Member for Louth, of an ex-prisoner unemployed whose social service payment is limited to £4 1s. a week because he has gone to live with his mother and is thereby debarred from drawing the lodging allowance; and if she will amend her regulations so that people who live with their parents are not penalised for so doing.

Mr. Pentland

I am looking into the case about which the hon. Member wrote on 9th May and I will be writing to him about it. Meantime I should perhaps say that £4 1s. is the rate of supplementary benefit prescribed under the Ministry of Social Security Act for a claimant

Date started Description Expenditure to 31st March, 1968 (£'000) 1968–69 (Estimated)
A. Civil R and D Work for Government Departments
1. Work completed April, 1963 onwards Various 575
2. S.R.C. April, 1965 Space technology 215 230
3. M.O.H. April, 1966 Medical, Engineering and Services 110 180
4. Home Office April, 1966 Forensic science 110 55
5. M.O.H. October, 1966 Dental materials 25 20
6. Mintech October, 1966 Aldermaston project for application of computers to engineering (APACE) 95 185
7. Mintech October, 1966 Advanced computer interconnections 75 65
8. M.P.B.W. August, 1967 Glass fibre reinforced plaster 15 25
9. Other Work in hand (minor projects) Various Various (inc. in 1 above) 200
B. Civil R and D work for other customers
Various customers April, 1963 onwards Various 90 40
Total* 1,310 1,000
None of the above projects forms part of any international effort.
Figures of expenditure cover full cost, including depreciation and similar notional overheads. Full cost is recovered from all customers.

Sir H. Legge-Bourke

asked the Minister of Technology if he will list the overseas countries which are participating in the various items of civil non-nuclear

who is living as a member of someone else's household, otherwise than as a boarder.

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