HC Deb 19 February 1968 vol 759 cc19-20W
Mr. Small

asked the Minister of Technology if he will publish particulars of the scheme evolved to promote the sale of advanced machines at home and overseas; what is the value of the orders to date, in itemised form, naming the firms who received such orders; and what opportunity is offered to firms in development districts to participate in the scheme.

Mr. Benn:

The purpose of the preproduction orders scheme for machine tools is to reduce the gap between the completion of development of new and advanced designs of machine tools and associated equipment and their acceptance in industry on a scale sufficient to justify the

Company Machine Value
Bennett Tools Ltd. Double action Helical Spring Coiling Machine 17,000
Binns and Berry Lathes Ltd. TB Mk. IV Centre Lathe 19,000
BSA Electrochemical Machines Ltd. EC Deburring Machine 37,000
Churchill-Redman Ltd. NC P5 Lathe 156,000
Ferranti Ltd. Drawing Measuring Machine 92,000
Ferranti Ltd. Hydro-cord-3-D Measuring Machine 45,000
J. Goulder & Sons Ltd. Single Flank Gear Tester 29,000
Alfred Herbert Ltd. 2M Robot Lathe 123,000
Alfred Herbert Ltd. 3M Robot Lathe 79,000
Alfred Herbert Ltd. 2 Auto Flashcap Lathe 37,000
Alfred Herbert Ltd. 3 Programauto Lathe 229,000
Alfred Herbert Ltd. 4 Programauto Lathe 149,000
Alfred Herbert Ltd. 3/6 Vertical Auto Lathe 217,000
Alfred Herbert Ltd. Robodrill Machining Centre 130,000
Alfred Herbert Ltd. 3 Turning Centre 247,000
Hydraquip Ltd. Hyvarmill Variable Speed Hydraulic Milling Unit 41,000
B. & S. Massey Ltd. Hydrostamp Double-acting Die Formating Hammer 240,000
Midland Machine Tool Co. (Birmingham) Ltd. 3-Spindle Turning and Boring Machine 44,000
Molins Machine Co. Ltd. 3 Axis NC Controlled Twin-Spindle Milling Machine 136,000
Optical Mechanical (Instruments) Ltd. Optimel MK. IIA Presetting Machine and Adaptor 16,000
Precision Machining (Swindon) Ltd. Preset Tooling System 5,000
Stats Systems Ltd. Preset Tooling System 29,000
Techne (Cambridge) Ltd. Fluidic Automatic Control System 9,000
Vero Machine Tool Co. Ltd. 2000 Series 20/40 Machining Centre 79,000
Wavis Engineering Development Ltd. Starmatic Machine 45,000
Wickman Ltd. Single Spindle Chucking and Secondary Operation Machine 44,000
Wickman Ltd. 1¾ in. Single Spindle Bar Automatic 81,000
Wickman Ltd. 345 Internal Grinder 35,000
Wickman Lang Ltd. 30 in. Numericon Tape Controlled Lathe 90,000

laying down of adequate production lines. This should assist the industry in competing in home and export markets in the future and also get advanced machines more quickly into industrial use.

Under this scheme my Department purchases advanced machines and places them with suitable users for appraisal and industrial conditions and for reports on their economic and technical performance. The information thus arising will be disseminated by the Ministry as a guide to other prospective users.

Originally£1 million was allocated to this scheme to cover machine tools and associated equipment and on 13th April 1967, a further£5 million was allocated covering applications for complete machine tools only made during the six months period ending 31st October 1967.

The scheme has been widely publicised by my Department and also by the Machine Tool Trades Association who have circularised their members. The scheme applied to all manufacturers of machine tools or associated equipment in the United Kingdom, including those in Development Areas.

The value of orders placed to date is£2.5 million, as follows: