HC Deb 14 February 1968 vol 758 c367W
Mr. Simon Mahon

asked the Minister of Health, in view of the increases taking place in the cost of batteries for hearing aids, if he will publish details of such prices for the years 1966–68.

Mr. Benn:

I have been asked to reply. There are three main types of battery involved and the position on each is as follows:

(i) Mercury Batteries
Type Previous Price as from
Price 1st Jan., 1968
s. d. s. d
RM 13GH 2 0 1 11
RM 41GH 2 0 1 11
RM 31ZH 1 7 2 1
RM 40IH 2 4 4 2
RM 575H 1 10 2 6
RM 625H 2 0 3 6
RM 675H 1 10 2 9

The prices of the first two, which were first introduced in 1964 at 2s. 3d., were reduced to 2s. in March, 1967. The remainder remained unchanged in price since April, 1964 or earlier.

(ii) Leclanché batteries used in National Health Service Hearing Aids.

There are three types, the U.16, the HP.7 and the U.12 which is not used in the currently issued Medresco aid. All are supplied free but the current retail prices are 5d., 7d. and 4d. respectively and have not changed since 1964 or earlier.

(iii) Leclanché batteries used in certain obsolete aids.

There is a very small number of obsolete aids in use which employ other types of batteries. The prices of three of these, the B.121, 122 and 123 have been unchanged since 1964 at 2s., 2s. 6d. and 3s. 3d. respectively. The remainder were increased in September 1967 as follows:

Previous Revised
Type Price Price
s. d. s. d.
D.20 7
D.22 1 2 1 6
B.154 2 0 2 3
B.155 2 6 3 0

The previous prices of these batteries were also fixed in 1964 or earlier.

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