HC Deb 26 June 1967 vol 749 cc12-3W
Mr. Thornton

asked the Minister of Labour what proportions of employed persons in Great Britain are in the Scottish, Welsh and North-West Regions, respectively; what proportions of total cash payments to redundant workers under the provisions of the Redundancy Payments Act, 1965, were made in these regions, respectively; and what were the corresponding figures in relation to the numbers of redundant workers who received cash payments, to the latest convenient date.

Scotland Wales North West
1. Number of employed persons expressed as a percentage of figures for Greats Britain. 9.5 4.3 12.9
2. Amount of redundancy payments issued†‡ 8.7 5.1 11.6
3. Number of redundant workers who received payments as in 2†‡ 10.0 5.3 12.8
* As at September, 1966.
† Up to 31st May, 1967.
‡ These figures relate to payments made in the named regions.As some firms operate centralised pay systems, the figures may include payments to some workers in other regions and exclude payments made by other regions to workers in these regions.