HC Deb 21 June 1967 vol 748 cc277-83W
Mr. Oswald

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland whether he will make a statement on the progress of the programme of hospital building in Scotland up to the most recent convenient date.

Mr. Ross

During the year from 1st April, 1966 to 31st March, 1967 it is estimated that work to the value of £11.8 million was carried out on hospital building in Scotland at the expense of the National Health Service (Scotland) Vote: this figure compares with £8.1 million in 1964–65 and £9.9 million in 1965–66.

The units provided during the year in new or converted buildings include 752 beds, 10 operating theatres and a variety of other hospital facilities. The value of these completed schemes was £9,054,000.

The total cost of all schemes in progress on 31st March, 1967, by type of development, is made up as follows:—

Estimated Cost
New hospitals 23,553,000
Additional beds in existing hospitals 8,683,000
Other ward improvements 1,334,000
Operating theatres 580,000
X-ray and radiotherapy departments 705,000
Out-patient and casualty departments 1,304,000
Other medical departments 3,373,000
Laundries, kitchen and engineering works 3,424,000
Other departments 2,257,000

Further particulars of schemes costing over £50,000 completed during the year, started during the year, and others in progress at the end of the year are as follows:—

Estimated Cost
Northern Region
Craig Dunain Hospital, Inverness
Internal heating 50,000
Ross Memorial Hospital, Dingwall
Maternity unit containing 16 beds and physiotherapy unit 117,000
North-Eastern Region
Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
Extension stage I—129 beds, operating theatre suite, X-ray department, and central hospital services 1,806,000 (1)
Foresterhill Site, Aberdeen
College of Nursing 342,000
Central sterile service department and laundry 519,000
Morningfield Hospital, Aberdeen
Modernisation to provide a geriatric unit of 26 beds 74,000
Aberdeen Maternity Hospital Ante-natal clinic 124,000
Ladysbridge Hospital, Banff
Three 30-bedded villas for low-grade patients 215,000
Central building complex 240,000

Estimated Cost
Chalmers Hospital, Banff
Reorganisation of kitchen, etc. 53,000
Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall
Maternity unit of 12 beds 66,000
Eastern Region
Dundee Royal Infirmary
Neuro-surgical unit containing 27 beds and ancillary services 175,000
South-Eastern Region
Eastern General Hospital, Edinburgh
Replacement of boiler plant 76,000
Elsie Inglis Hospital, Edinburgh
Labour ward; isolation unit and staff quarters; moderernisation of engineering services 262,000
City Hospital, Edinburgh
Pharmacy and stores 67,000
Steam mains 59,000
Electrical distribution 78,000
Western Region
Knightswood Hospital, Glasgow
Central laundry and boiler-house 366,000
Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow
New casualty and admission block 259,000 (2)
Canniesburn Hospital, Glasgow Upgrading 80,000
Belvidere Hospital, Glasgow
Conversion of two wards for orthopaedic patients 64,000
Robroyston Hospital, Glasgow
Boiler plant 58,000
Victoria Infirmary, Glasgow
Intensive care unit 82,000
Out-patient department 584,000
Cowglen Hospital, Glasgow
New geriatric unit containing 244 beds with supporting facilities 463,000
Dunoon and District General Hospital
New 71 bed hospital 525,000
Falkirk and District Royal Infirmary
New ward block with 120 beds and operating theatre suite 653,000
Royal Scottish National Hospital, Larbert
14 staff houses 56,000
(1) Includes £100,000 from endowment funds.
(2) Includes £65,000 from the University Grants Committee.

Estimated Cost
North-Eastern Region
Foresterhill Site
Medical school extension and refectory 350,000 (1)
Dr. Gray's and Bilbohall Hospitals, Elgin
Modernisation 334,000 (2)

Estimated Cost
Ladysbridge Hospital, Banff
30 bed villa 85,000
Eastern Region
Royal Dundee Liff Hospital
Occupational therapy department 99,000
Asludie Hospital, Monifieth
Geriatric pavilion of 70 beds 160,000(3)
Sunnyside Royal Hospital, Montrose
Electrical rewiring 61,000
Stracathro Hospital, Brechin General improvements 470,000
South-Eastern Region
Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
New out-patient department 1,755,000 (4)
Royal Victoria Hospital, Edinburgh
Geriatric unit Phase I (60 beds) 485,000
Scottish Hospital Catering School, Edinburgh 66,000
Stratheden Hospital, Cupar, Fife
Adolescent unit 95,000
Bangour Hospital, West Lothian
Upgrading accommodation 163,000
Burns unit 63,000
Western Region
Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow
Reconstruction of hospital Stage I—residential accommodation and preliminary works 550,000
Temporary bio-chemistry laboratory 52,000 (5)
Royal Maternity Hospital, Glasgow
New lifts 55,000
Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow
Nurse training school 82,000
Pathology laboratories 83,000
Ruchill Hospital, Glasgow
Renewal of distribution mains 163,000
Southern General Hospital, Glasgow
New Kitchen and dining rooms 379,000
New pharmacy 110,000
Glasgow Royal Infirmary Renal dialysis unit 52,000
Belvidere Hospital, Glasgow Alterations for linear accelerator 84,000
Cresswell Maternity Hospital, Dumfries
Phase III of extension (residential accommodation, kitchen and dining rooms) 109,000
Blawarthill Hospital, Glasgow
Upgrading geriatric wards 54,000
Vale of Leven Hospital, Alexandria
New maternity unit of 81 beds 1,209,000
Garrick Hospital, Stranraer Ward unit 75,000

Estimated Cost
Lightburn Hospital, Glasgow
Phase II of upgrading to provide services for new geriatric unit 206,000
Cleland Hospital, Lanarkshire
Upgrading ward 2–56 new beds 56,000
Law Hospital, Carluke
Casualty unit 135,000
Birkwood Hospital, Lesmahagow
New kitchen premises 65,000
Regional Physics Department, Glasgow
Extension 287,000
(1) Hospital Board share of University scheme.
(2) Includes £5,000 from endowment funds.
(3) To be financed wholly from endowment funds.
(4) Includes £203,000 from the University Grants Committee.
(5) Includes £26,000 from the University Grants Committee.

Other schemes costing over £50,000 in progress at 31st March, 1967
Northern Region
Central Hospital, Inverness
Stage I of new hospital comprising out-patient, accident and diagnostic departments, central laboratory, boiler-house and engineering services 1,728,000
Craig Phadrig Hospital, Inverness
New mental deficiency hospital phase I to provide 229 beds and supporting facilities 1,477,000
North-Eastern Region
New General Hospital, Fraserburgh
To provide 72 beds and supporting facilities 508,000
Eastern Region
Dundee Royal Infirmary and Maryfield Hospital
Upgrading—interim works 144,000 (1)
Dundee Dental Hospital and School
Extension 924,000 (2)
Ninewells Hospital, Dundee
New teaching hospital and medical school consisting of 755 beds and supporting facilities 15,291,000 (3)
Kings Cross Hospital, Dundee
Cubicle block phase II 91,000
Bridge of Earn Hospital
New X-ray department 101,000
South-Eastern Region
Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh
Eye department including 72 beds etc. 693,000 (4)
Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
Improvement of basic services (including temporary dining room) 134,000
Transplantation surgery unit 220,000 (5)

Estimated Cost
Eastern General Hospital, Edinburgh
Replacement of boiler plant 73,000
Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh
New out-patient department and child psychiatric unit 151,000
City Hospital, Edinburgh
Nurses' home development 58,000
Liberton Hospital, Edinburgh
Extension to provide 184 beds and supporting facilities 857,000 (6)
Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy
Second extension containing 240 beds, out-patient department and other facilities 2,332,000
Milesmark Hospital, Dunfermline
Out-patient department, boiler plant, administration ward block, ward 3 and mortuary 446,000
Lynebank Hospital, Dunfermline
New mental deficiency hospital with 420 beds and supporting facilities 2,060,000
Cameron Hospital, Windygates Geriatric unit of 60 beds and supporting facilities 206,000
Central Laundry, Kirkcaldy 290,000
Glenlomond Hospital, Kinross
Renewal of boiler plant 67,000
Western Region
Drumchapel Hospital, Glasgow
Geriatric unit with 120 beds etc. 401,000
Royal Infirmary, Glasgow
Conversion of accommodation for pulmonary function 112,000
Canniesburn Hospital, Glasgow
New plastic surgery unit with 138 beds 1,007,000 (7)
Geriatric unit with 120 beds 427,000
Ruchill Hospital, Glasgow
New laundry 274,000
Boiler plant 103,000
Glasgow Dental Hospital and School
Extension 2,062,000 (8)
Southern General Hospital, Glasgow
New maternity unit with 139 beds 1,423,000
Shieldhall Hospital, Glasgow
Geriatric unit with 60 beds 151,000
Gartloch Hospital, Glasgow
Phase II of upgrading admission block 58,000
Lightburn Hospital, Glasgow
Geriatric unit with 120 beds 337,000
Hartwood Hospital, Shotts
Heating installation 70,000
Rankin Memorial Hospital, Greenock
General practitioner maternity unit with 12 beds 84,000
Bellsdyke Hospital, Larbert
6 ward blocks with 360 replacement beds 789,000

Estimated Cost
Royal Scottish National Hospital, Larbert
Phase III of extension providing 152 beds 261,000
Foresthall Hospital, Glasgow
Upgrading 2 geriatric blocks 150,000
(1) Includes £12,000 from the University Grants Committee.
(2) Includes £312,000 from the University Grants Committee.
(3) Includes £3,593,000 from the University Grants Committee.
(4) Includes £68,000 from the University Grants Committee.
(5) Includes £190,000 from the Nuffield Foundation.
(6) Includes £137,000 from endowment funds.
(7) Includes £6,000 from the University Grants Committee.
(8) Includes £627,000 from the University Grants Committee.

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