HC Deb 27 July 1967 vol 751 c217W
91 and 92. Sir W. Teeling

asked the Minister of Overseas Development (1) what proposals he has sent to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago for increased inducement allowances for expatriates serving under the Overseas Services Aid Scheme; and why the revision initiated in 1964 for a world-wide revision has only so far not applied to Trinidad and Tobago;

(2) why he has taken over a year in finalising proposals for the revision of inducement allowances in Trinidad and Tobago; and whether he will assure Mr. J. C. Firman, particulars of whose case have been sent him by the hon. Member for Brighton, Pavilion, that he and those in a similar position will not suffer if the award is announced after his service expires.

Mr. Oram

Although we offered a general review of inducement allowances in 1964, we could not begin this for Trinidad until October, 1966, when the Trinidad Government's own review of local salaries reached us. I am now able to propose to the Trinidad Government a substantial increase in these allowances, with some measure of retrospection and a new system of payment, and I hope for an early settlement. Any period of retrospection finally agreed will benefit all serving at that time, including any whose service may by now have expired.