HC Deb 08 February 1967 vol 740 cc332-5W
Mr. Iremonger

asked the Postmaster-General if he will list the streets in the Ilford, North, constituency which have as their postal address the name of one ward of the London borough of Redbridge while they are for local government purposes within another ward with a different name; and if he will make a precise and detailed exegisis of the principles upon which the naming of each one of the postal areas in the constituency was decided and its boundaries drawn.

Mr. Edward Short

There are two postal areas wholly within the constituency—Clayhall and Hainault—and six partly within it—Barkingside, Gants Hill, Goodmayes, Newbury Park, Redbridge and Seven Kings. All the names were chosen by the Post Office because they were already being used locally for other purposes. Except in the case of Clay-hall and Redbridge, the names were also being used by many local residents in their postal addresses. In all instances our purpose was to draw the postal boundaries in such a way as to simplify and speed-up the sorting and delivery of mail.

If the hon. Gentleman would like to go into the matter in more detail, I shall be happy to make the necessary arrangements for this.

The list is as follows: Streets in the Ilford, North Constituency which have as part of their postal address the name of one ward of the London Borough of Redbridge but are, for local Government purposes, in another ward.

Street Ward name in postal address Ward in which located for Local Government purposes
Abbey Road Barkingside Aldborough
Aldwych Ave. Barkingside Aldborough
Ardwell Ave. Barkingside Aldborough
Ashurst Drive (part) Barkingside Aldborough
Baron Gardens Barkingside Aldborough
Bentley Drive Barkingside Aldborough
Birkbeck Rd. Barkingside Aldborough
Brockham Drive Barkingside Aldborough
Buntingbridge Rd. Barkingside Aldborough
Bush Close Barkingside Aldborough
Cantley Gdns. Barkingside Aldborough
Carlton Drive Barkingside Aldborough
Chase Lane Barkingside Aldborough
Coronation Close Barkingside Aldborough
Cranbourne Gdns. Barkingside Aldborough
Craven Gdns. Barkingside Aldborough
Crown Rd. Barkingside Aldborough
Denham Drive Barkingside Aldborough
Donington Ave. Barkingside Aldborough
Duke Gdns. Barkingside Aldborough
Duke Rd. Barkingside Aldborough
Eastern Ave. (part) Barkingside Aldborough
Emmott Ave. Barkingside Aldborough
Fencepiece Rd. (part) Barkingside Fairlop
Fulwell Ave. (part) Barkingside Aldborough
Greystone Gdns. Barkingside Aldborough
Hamilton Ave. Barkingside Aldborough
Headley Drive Barkingside Aldborough
Hey bridge Drive Barkingside Aldborough
High St. Barkingside Aldborough
Horns Rd. (part) Barkingside Aldborough
Karen Ter. Barkingside Aldborough
Newbury Ter. Barkingside Aldborough
Netley Rd. Barkingside Aldborough
Netley Ct. Barkingside Aldborough
Otley Drive Barkingside Aldborough
Perkins Rd. Barkingside Aldborough
Perrymans Farm Rd. Barkingside Aldborough
Princes Rd. Barkingside Aldborough
Sandringham Gdns. Barkingside Aldborough
Sandringham Close Barkingside Aldborough
Sherwood Rd. Barkingside Aldborough
Springfield Drive Barkingside Aldborough
Starch House Lane Barkingside Aldborough

Street Ward name in postal address Ward in which located for Local Government purposes
Tanners Lane Barkingside Aldborough
Tollesbury Gdns. Barkingside Aldborough
Virginia Gdns. Barkingside Aldborough
Warren Rd. Barkingside Aldborough
Waverley Gdns. Barkingside Aldborough
Westminster Close Barkingside Aldborough
Westminster Gdns. Barkingside Aldborough
Youngs Rd. Barkingside Aldborough
Yoxley Approach Barkingside Aldborough
Yoxley Drive Barkingside Aldborough
Atherton Rd. Clayhall Fairlop
Basildon Ave. Clayhall Fairlop
Beechwood Gdns. Clayhall Barkingside
Belvedere Ave. Clayhall Barkingside
Berkeley Ave. (part) Clayhall Barkingside
Berkeley Ave. (part) Clayhall Fairlop
Bysouth Close Clayhall Fairlop
Caernarvon Drive Clayhall Fairlop
Calne Ave. Clayhall Fairlop
Caterham Ave. Clayhall Fairlop
Chalgrove Crescent Clayhall Fairlop
Cheriton Ave. Clayhall Fairlop
Clayhall Ave. (part) Clayhall Fairlop
Clayhall Ave. (part) Clayhall Barkingside
Clifford Ave. Clayhall Barkingside
Collingwood Gdns. Clayhall Barkingside
Cottesmore Ave. Clayhall Fairlop
Couchmore Ave. Clayhall Fairlop
Dovedale Ave. Clayhall Fairlop
Dunspring Lane Clayhall Barkingside
Ewellhurst Rd. Clayhall Fairlop
Fulwell Ave. (part) Clayhall Barkingside
Harewood Drive Clayhall Fairlop
Heathcote Ave. Clayhall Fairlop
Highwood Gdns. Clayhall Barkingside
Humphrey Close Clayhall Fairlop
Hurstleigh Gdns. Clayhall Fairlop
Jerningham Ave. Clayhall Barkingside
Kirkland Ave. Clayhall Fairlop
Longwood Gdns. Clayhall Barkingside
Longwood Parade Clayhall Barkingside
Marston Rd. Clayhall Fairlop
Naseby Rd. Clayhall Fairlop
Northwood Gdns. Clayhall Barkingside
Purley Close Clayhall Barkingside
Ravensbourne Gdns. Clayhall Fairlop
Repton Grove Clayhall Fairlop
Roding Lane North Clayhall Fairlop
Roundaway Rd. Clayhall Fairlop
Rushden Gdns. Clayhall Barkingside
Ryecroft Ave. Clayhall Barkingside
St. Clair Close Clayhall Fairlop
Sheldon Ave. Clayhall Barkingside
Strafford Ave. Clayhall Fairlop
Tiverton Ave. Clayhall Barkingside
Wensleydale Ave. Clayhall Fairlop
Woodford Ave. Clayhall Fairlop
Wyfields Clayhall Fairlop
Barley Lane (part) Goodmayes Chadwell
Douglas Rd. Goodmayes Chadwell
Eastwood Rd. Goodmayes Chadwell
Goodmayes Ave. Goodmayes Chadwell
Goodmayes Rd. Goodmayes Chadwell
High Rd. (part) Goodmayes Chadwell
Kingswood Rd. Goodmayes Chadwell
Percy Rd. (part) Goodmayes Chadwell
Addison Rd. Hainault Fairlop
Anne Way Hainault Fairlop
Aragon Drive Hainault Fairlop

Street Ward name in postal address Ward in which located for Local Government purposes
Boleyn Way Hainault Fairlop
Brookside Hainault Fairlop
Brunswick Gdns. Hainault Fairlop
Cardinal Drive Hainault Fairlop
ClevesWalk Hainault Fairlop
Colvin Gdns. Hainault Fairlop
Copthorne Ave. Hainault Fairlop
Culpepper Close Hainault Fairlop
Fairlop Gdns. Hainault Fairlop
Fencepiece Rd. (part) Hainault Fairlop
Forest Rd. (part) Hainault Aldborough
Forest Rd. (part) Hainault Fairlop
Franklyn Gdns. Hainault Fairlop
Greenwood Gdns. Hainault Fairlop
Hanover Gdns. Hainault Fairlop
Hazelbrouck Gdns. Hainault Fairlop
Katherine Gdns. Hainault Fairlop
Kingsley Rd. Hainault Fairlop
Knights Way Hainault Fairlop
Laurel Close Hainault Fairlop
Manor Close Hainault Fairlop
Maypole Crescent Hainault Fairlop
Meriden Close Hainault Fairlop
Merlin Grove Hainault Fairlop
Montford Gdns. Hainault Fairlop
Mossford Lane (part) Hainault Fairlop
New North Rd. Hainault Fairlop
Neville Rd. Hainault Fairlop
Nonsuch Close Hainault Fairlop
Penhurst Rd. Hainault Fairlop
Saltash Rd. Hainault Fairlop
Shakespeare Square Hainault Fairlop
Thurlow Gdns. Hainault Fairlop
Tomswood Hill Hainault Fairlop
Tower Close Hainault Fairlop
Trehearn Rd. Hainault Fairlop
Trelawney Rd. Hainault Fairlop
Tudor Crescent Hainault Fairlop
Vincent Close Hainault Fairlop
Wannock Gdns. Hainault Fairlop
Wolsey Gdns. Hainault Fairlop
Yeoman Way Hainault Fairlop
Blythswood Rd. Seven Kings Chadwell
High Rd. (part) Seven Kings Chadwell
Percy Rd. (part) Seven Kings Chadwell
Wellwood Rd. Seven Kings Chadwell
Westwood Rd. Seven Kings Chadwell

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