HC Deb 01 February 1967 vol 740 cc106-7W
Mr. Hazell

asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food if he will give for England and Wales and for the United Kingdom the percentage of agricultural holdings with no workers, with no regular whole-time workers, with no whole-time male workers, but one or more other regular workers, and with one regular whole-time male worker, two or four whole-time males and five or more regular whole-time male workers, respectively; and what proportion each of these groups represents of all regular whole-time male workers, and of all workers in the industry.

Agricultural Holdings† Regular Whole-time Male Workers (aged 20–64 years) All Workers(‡) (male and female, regular whole-time and part-time and seasonal or casual)
per cent. per cent. per cent.
Agricultural holdings with:—
No workers 56.6
No regular whole-time workers (but one or more other workers) 7.6 8.5
No regular whole-time males (20–64 years) but one or more other regular whole-time workers 6.0 7.6
1 regular whole-time male worker (20–64 years) 15.1 20.7 19.3
2 regular whole-time male workers (20–64 years) 6.9 18.9 31.4
3 regular whole-time male workers (20–64 years) 3.0 12.4
4 regular whole-time male workers (20–64 years) 1.6 8.7
5 and over regular whole-time male workers (20–64 years) 3.2 39.3 33.2
Totals (per cent.) 100.0 100.0 100.0
Totals (number of holdings or workers) 323,780 235,887 450,515
* Excluding the occupier, his wife, domestic servants and children still at school.
† Exceeding one acre in extent.
‡ Including 44,753 regular whole-time male workers under 20 years old and 9,001 aged 65 years and over.