HC Deb 10 November 1966 vol 735 cc331-5W
61. Mr. Hooley

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many long-term prisoners escaped from Her Majesty's prisons in each of the years 1956 to 1966.

Mr. Roy Jenkins

Figures relating to prisoners serving sentences of five years and over who escaped from prison or escort in England and Wales in the years 1962 to 1965 and in 1966 up to 26th October are as given below. Figures are not available for the years 1956 to 1961.

Date of Escape Name Offence
Closed Prisons
19th September, 1962 Raymond, S. P. Shopbreaking.
21st February, 1964 Dyett, C. C. Stealing; taking and driving away motor vehicle; no insurance.
11th August, 1964 Wilson, C. F. Conspiracy to stop mail; robbery with aggravation.
4th May, 1965 Murphy, F. E. Larceny; receiving.
8th July, 1965 Biggs, R. A. Conspiracy to stop mail; robbery with aggravation.
8th July, 1965 Flower, E. Conspiracy to rob.
20th September, 1965 Black, E. Assault occasioning actual bodily harm.
3rd December, 1965 Johnson, D. Unlawful possession of forged banknotes and firearms.
31st January, 1966 Kerridge, D. V. Burglary; larceny.
9th February, 1966 Piggott, M. T. Obtaining goods by false pretences; housebreaking; larceny; assault occasioning grievous bodily harm.
25th May, 1966 Humphries, J. P. Housebreaking; larceny; taking and driving away whilst disqualified; assault police constable.
29th August, 1966 Maxwell, R. Officebreaking and larceny.
29th August, 1966 O'Sullivan, B. J. Possessing housebreaking implements by night.
23rd September, 1966 Clarke, F. Assault occasioning grievous bodily harm.
10th October, 1966 Spencer, J. H. Shopbreaking and larceny; false pretences.
22nd October, 1966 Blake, G. Communicating information useful to enemy.
26th October, 1966 O'Connell, T. J. Assault occasioning actual bodily harm; wounding with intent; assault police constable.
26th October, 1966 Cassey, J. W. Breach of probation; robbery with violence.

Year Closed prisons Open prisons Under escort Total
1962 20 3 23
1963 23 21 2 46
1964 13 19 5 37
1965 20 4 3 27
1966 up to 26th Oct. 18 4 9 31
94 48 22 164

Mr. Biggs-Davison

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether he will list the escaped prisoners now at large, the date of their escapes and the offences for which they were convicted.

Mr. Shinwell

asked the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many prisoners who made their escape from prison during the period between January 1952 and January 1964 are still at large.

Mr. Roy Jenkins

Information in respect of England and Wales is available only from 1st January, 1962. 86 of the prisoners who escaped between that date and 31st October, 1966 are still at large. Six of them escaped before January 1964.

Date of Escape Name Offence
Open Prisons
6th October, 1962 Flanagan, M. P. Officebreaking.
1st March, 1963 Chilcott, B. E. H. Larceny.
27th July, 1964 Pateman, F. Officebreaking; larceny.
30th September, 1964 Cotterill, J. R. F. Obtaining credit by fraud.
28th October, 1964 Partington, H. Larceny.
5th November, 1964 Coombes, T. J. F. Shopbreaking; larceny.
7th November, 1964 Scrivens, B. J. Officebreaking with intent; found with housebreaking implements; unlawful possession of explosives; robbery with aggravation.
8th December, 1964 Young, H. Factorybreaking; larceny.
13th December, 1964 Leigh, P. Receiving.
16th December, 1964 Cook, J. J. Receiving; larceny; using document with intent to deceive.
16th February, 1965 Williams, H. O. Shopbreaking; larceny; attempted housebreaking.
28th March, 1965 Levers, D. H. Warehousebreaking; larceny.
12th May, 1965 Coughlar, J. P. alias Kennedy. Attempt to obtain National Assistance by false pretences and fraud; larceny.
4th June, 1965 Smith, P. J. L. Larceny; fraud.
29th August, 1965 Baines, B. Larceny.
4th September, 1965 McNally, T. Larceny.
21st December, 1965 Slater, C. Housebreaking; larceny.
3rd February, 1966 Scurfieid, A. alias Bolton, M. Larceny.
6th February, 1966 Jones, H. Married Woman's Act civil debt; no driving licence.
20th April, 1966 Healey, C. Receiving; fraud.
1st May, 1966 Rowan, A. Larceny; officebreaking; driving whilst disqualified; no insurance.
1st May, 1966 Sweeney, P. P. Pavilionbreaking; larceny.
12th June, 1966 Gibson, J. J. Larceny.
17th July, 1966 Eatough, B. Possessing dangerous drugs.
23rd July, 1966 Bolton, J. Driving whilst disqualified; no insurance, no road tax.
26th July, 1966 Porter, W. Storebreaking; larceny.
1st August, 1966 Disley, E. M. Shopbreaking; larceny.
24th August, 1966 Francis, R. A. Storebreaking; larceny; possessing imitation firearm; possessing offensive weapon.
24th August, 1966 Dann, D. H. Larceny; obtaining credit by forged instrument.
11th September, 1966 Teuma, E. D. Shopbreaking; larceny.
13th September, 1966 Garbutt, A. Larceny; storebreaking.
24th September, 1966 Reardon, G. P. Housebreaking; larceny.
2nd October, 1966 Stubbs, T. J. Officebreaking; larceny. Officebreaking with intent.
2nd October, 1966 Morris, E. J. Larceny.
2nd October, 1966 Jukes, W. Larceny.
9th October, 1966 Percival, E. Larceny.
9th October, 1966 Gallwell, L. Driving whilst disqualified.
11th October, 1966 David, M. C. Shopbreaking; larceny; obtaining goods by false pretences.
13th October, 1966 Church, J. H. Storebreaking.
13th October, 1966 White, G. Larceny; larceny in dwelling house.
20th October, 1966 Chambers, B. D. alias Boyd. Officebreaking; larceny.
20th October, 1966 Amos, S. D. Officebreaking; larceny.
27th October, 1966 Timpson, A. Larceny; malicious damage; shopbreaking; receiving.
Outside Working Parties
1st November, 1962 Evans, A. A. Housebreaking; larceny.
13th November, 1962 Allton, I. A. Storebreaking; larceny.
19th November, 1963 Thompson, W. J. Taking and driving away; shopbreaking; larceny.
5th May, 1964 Austin, P. Shopbreaking; larceny; possessing housebreaking implements.
5th November, 1965 Barlow, A. Larceny.
9th March, 1966 Mourton, G. R. Housebreaking; larceny.
18th April, 1966 Bushell, S. Shopbreaking; larceny.
18th April, 1966 Sanchos, R. Larceny; driving without insurance.
26th April, 1966 Trevethan, R. T. Larceny.
25th May, 1966 Warwick, A. J. Civil Debt, Affiliation Order; larceny.
1st July, 1966 Hessian, L. Housebreaking; larceny; attempted burglary.
29th July, 1966 Coggan, W. Obtaining credit by false pretences.

Date, of Escape Name Offence
16th August, 1966 Morrell, P. False pretences; conspiracy; receiving; larceny; forgery.
19th August. 1966 O'Brien, C. Housebreaking; larceny.
24th August, 1966 Roberts, K. Housebreaking; larceny; possessing housebreaking implements by night.
30th August, 1966 Will, D. R. Obtaining credit by fraud; housebreaking; larceny.
22nd September, 1966 Poole, E. N. Housebreaking; larceny.
3rd October, 1966 Wilkinson, C. Storebreaking.
3rd October, 1966 Turley, K. G. Shopbreaking; larceny.
18th October, 1966 Mullen-Rutter, D. G. Larceny; breaking and entering.
20th October, 1966 Lyons, J. Housebreaking; larceny; breach of probation; assault.
8th December, 1965 Phillips, M. J. Housebreaking; larceny.
3rd March, 1966 McKay, H. T. False pretences.
25th May, 1966 Brown, R. Unlawful wounding.
26th September, 1966 Baker, M, D. Larceny; driving whilst disqualified.