HC Deb 10 March 1966 vol 725 cc658-60W
Sir H. Legge-Bourke

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will list the new Government proposals and administrative decisions, together with the cost of each, that have been announced since 1st January, 1966.

Mr. Callaghan

The following is the information requested.

Establishment of Industrial Reorganisation Corporation
It is proposed that the Exchequer should advance up to £150 million to the Corporation, partly in the form of Exchequer dividend capital and partly in the form of loan capital. The Corporation's investments are intended to be profitable.
Export Credit
Further extensions of the facilities offered by the Export Credits Guarantee Department, to be provided as part of the Department's normal commercial operations.
Fairfields (Glasgow) Ltd.
Provision of share and loan capital. (Working capital may also be provided up to £0.5 million.) £1.5 million.
Finance of Local Government
Proposals set out in "Local Government Finance, England and Wales" (Cmnd. 2923) and "Local Government Finance, Scotland" (Cmnd. 2921). (These proposals will result in increased Exchequer expenditure of about £33 million in 1967–68, £66 million in 1968–69, £99 million in 1969–70, but will not increase total public expenditure.)
Fishing Industry
New investment incentives for fishing vessels £2 million in a full year, offset by the ending of investment allowances.
Home Defence
Establishment of a Home Defence Force About £3 million p.a.
Investment Incentives
Board of Trade grants in respect of investment in 1966 are expected to be of the order of £250 million, but this cost will be offset by savings on tax allowances etc. of roughly the same order.
Latin-American Studies
Implementation of the Parry Report £100,000 in 1965–66 and 1966–67.
"Leisure in the Countryside" (Cmnd. 2928)
Eventual cost of the proposals may reach £2 million p.a. About £2 million p.a.
Ministry of Social Security It is not possible to estimate whether there will be any net cost.
Proposal to establish a Ministry of Social Security merging the Ministry of Pensions and National Insurance and the National Assistance Board.
Overseas Aid
Loan to India £7.5 million.
Loan to Chile £0.75 million.
Extension of Overseas Students Welfare Expansion Programme £2.5 million.
Protection of Consumers (Trade Descriptions) Bill
Additional expenditure by local authorities £0.5 million p.a.
Prototype Fast Reactor
Construction of Prototype Fast Reactor at Dounreay £30 million in 1966–73.
Replacement of existing State pensions
Replacement of existing State pensions by new comprehensive scheme of earnings related benefits and graduated contributions. Cost figures cannot yet be given.
Royal Commissions on Local Government in England and Wales, and in Scotland
Initial annual cost about £25,000 rising to £35,000 £25,000 to £35,000 annually.
Special help for cities with exceptional slum and overcrowding problems
The special help is being provided by bringing forward the new housing subsidies foreshadowed in "The Housing Programme 1965 to 1970" (Cmnd. 2838). About £2½ million in 1966℃67 and about £5½ million p.a. thereafter.
Training of Labour
Improvements in assistance for the training of labour for firms in development districts. Rising to £350,000 in 1968℃69 and subsequent years.
Voluntary Schools Grants (England and Wales)
Raising of level of grant to 75 per cent. and extending basis of grant. £2.8 million in the period 1967–68 to 1969–70.