HC Deb 31 January 1966 vol 723 cc157-8W
56. Mr. G. Campbell

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs on how many occasions, during the 20th regular session of the United Nations General Assembly, the United Kingdom voted against or abstained on matters which were adopted by the necessary majorities, including voting on separate parts of resolutions and in committees.

Mr. George Thomson

Out of the total of 140 votes on resolutions in Plenary Session of the General Assembly that were adopted by the necessary majorities, the United Kingdom abstained on 16 and voted against on seven occasions. The United Kingdom did not participate in the three votes on Rhodesia in the General Assembly. I regret a detailed record of committee votes is not available without considerable research.

The United Kingdom abstained on the following resolutions:

  • 2054 A on the policies of Apartheid.
  • 2063 on the Basutoland, Bechuanaland and Swaziland.
  • 2064 on the Cooks Islands.
  • 2065 on the Falkland Islands.
  • 2066 on Mauritius.
  • 2069 on various small colonial territories.
  • 2071 on British Guiana.
  • 2072 on Ifni and Spanish Sahara.
  • 2074 on South West Africa.
  • 2077 on Cyprus.
  • 2099 on the teaching of International Law.
  • 2106 B on the Convention on Racial Discrimination.
  • 2111 on the Trust Territory of Nauru.
  • 2112 on the Trust Territories of New Guinea and Papua.
  • 2113 A on the Credentials Committee Report.
  • 2131 on the Declaration on "non-intervention".
  • The United Kingdom voted against the following Resolutions:
  • 2023 on Aden.
  • 2042 on the U.N. Capital Development Fund.
  • 2068 on Fiji.
  • 2073 on Oman.
  • 2105 on the Declaration on Colonialism.
  • 2107 on the Portuguese territories.
  • 2113 B on the Credentials Committee Report.