HC Deb 03 February 1966 vol 723 cc286-7W
Mr. Goodhew

asked the Minister of Health if he will publish the numbers of doctors leaving, and the numbers of doctors joining, the National Health Service in each of the last three years for which figures are available.

Mr. K. Robinson

A statement of entries to and exits from the National Health Service as a whole cannot be given as doctors leaving one branch of the Service for another are not separately

Principals Assistants Trainees
Period Entries Exits Net Change Entries Exits Net Change Net Change
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (Note 2)
1st October, 1961–1st October, 1962 1,046 928 +118 547 699 -152 +36
1st October, 1962–1st October, 1963 1,079 1,066 +13 562 604 -42 -31
1st October, 1963–1st October, 1964 982 1,119 -137 464 556 -92 -41
1st October, 1964–1st October, 1965 1,122 1,347 -225 (Note 2) -135 -40


1. The figures involve some duplication, e.g., assistants who became principals during the period covered will be included in both columns (1) and (5).

2. Separate figures of entries and exits are not immediately available.

3. Figures in columns (1), (2) and (3) for 1965 are provisional; it is estimated that the entries and exits figures may include about 200 principals who may have left and returned to general practice during the year.

Senior Medical Staff Junior Medical Staff
Period Entries Exits Net change Net change
30th September, 1961–30th September, 1962 N/A N/A +145 +465
30th September, 1962–30th September, 1963 631 449 +182 +267
30th September, 1963–30th September, 1964 594 432 +162 +229
Figures for 1965 are not yet available but are expected to be available shortly.


Senior Medical Staff

(1) Senior registrars and above.

(2) Entries and exits are appointments to whole-time, part-time, and honorary posts, but exclude locums. Interchange between locum and permanent appointments are also excluded.

Junior Medical Staff

(1) Separate figures of entries and exits are not immediately available.

(2) Excluded are locums and general practitioners holding appointments under section 10 of the Terms and Conditions of Service of Hospital Medical and Dental Staff.