HC Deb 28 April 1966 vol 727 cc53-4W
Miss Quennell

asked the Minister of Overseas Development if the Government will make a contribution to the Feed the Minds Campaign.

Terriotry Date of Independence(a) or Creation(b) Constitutional Status on Independence Remarks
India 15.8.47(a) Monarchy Became a Republic 26.1.50
Pakistan 15.8.47(a) Monarchy Became a Republic 23.3.56
Ceylon 4.2.48(a) Monarchy Excluding Maldive Islands
Ghana (formerly Gold Cost) 6.3.57(a) Monarchy Together with British Togoland Mandate. Became a Republic 1.7.60
Federation of Nigeria 1.10.60(a) Monarchy Northern Portion of British Cameroons added 1.6.61. Southern Portion joined Cameroon Republic outside the Commonwealth 1.10.61. Became a Federal Republic 1.10.63
Cyprus 16.8.60(a) Republic Became a Member of commonwealth on 13.3.61
Sierra Leone 27.4.61(a) Monarchy
Jamaica 6.8.62(a) Monarchy
Trinidad and Tobago 31.8.62(a) Monarchy
Uganda 9.10.62(a) Monarchy Her Majesty ceased to be Head of State 9.10.63
Malaysia (incorporating the Federation of Malaya, North Borneo (now Sabah), Sarawak and singapore). 16.9.63(b) An elected Monarchy from amongst State Rulers The Federation of Malaya became independent on 31.8.57
See also singapore.
Kenya 12.12.63(a) Monarchy Became a Republic 12.12.64
Tanzania (incorporating Tranganyika Zanzibar) 26.4.64(b) Republic Tanganyika became independent as a Monarchy on 9.12.61 and became a Republic 9.12.62; Zanzibar became independent as a Sultanate on 10.12.63; both as Members of the Commonwealth
Malawi (formerly Nyasaland) 6.7.64(a) Monarchy To become a Republic on 6.7.66
Malta 21.9.64(a) Monarchy
Zambia (formerly Northern Rhodesia) 24.10.64(a) Republic
Gambia 18.2.65(a) Monarchy
Singapore 9.8.65(a) Republic Separated from Malaysia

Mr. Oram

No. I have nothing to add to the statement made by my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister in reply to the hon. Member for Banff (Mr. Baker), on 15th December, 1964.