HC Deb 27 October 1965 vol 718 cc55-6W
Mr. Hannan

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland what recent steps he has taken to extend comprehensive secondary education in Scotland.

SR A40 VHF set used mainly at Platoon-Company level 10 lbs.
SR A41 VHF set used mainly at Battalion-Company level 22 lbs.
WS A510 HF set for jungle use 20 lbs.
WS 62 HF set 62 lbs.
SR A13 HF set incorporating the latest transistorised techniques and advanced tuning facilities, for use where VHF is unsuitable, for example, in the Far East 30 lbs. basic set
48 lbs. high power set (valve amplifier)
40 lbs. high power set (transistorised amplifier)
SR A43 UHF set for ground to air work, e.g. with helicopters 21 lbs.
HF 156 HF set 39 lbs.
SR C42 VHF set for use mainly at Battalion-Company level 308 lbs.
SR B47 VHF set used mainly between Infantry and Royal Armoured Corps at Platoon-Battalion level 240 lbs.
SR C11 General purpose HF set at Battalion Headquarters 378 lbs.

As to the second part of the Question, the Infantry have, as well as the WS 62, two sets for use in jungle warfare: the relatively light HF set, the WS A510, and the modern transistorised A13 HF set which is in the course of largely replacing it and which has been designed for world-wide use and incorporates many improved facilities suitable for jungle

Mr. Ross

I am issuing today a circular calling on education authorities to further the reorganisation of secondary education on comprehensive lines. It indicates various ways in which this may be done in the light of local circumstances. I have asked education authorities to review their existing arrangements and to inform me by 31st March next of their general intentions for reorganisation.