HC Deb 12 May 1965 vol 712 c95W
Mr. Bagier

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies, how many applications for licences to publish newspapers in Aden have been rejected during the past three months; how many have been

Name of publication Language in which published Frequency Name of Licensee
Al-Mowadhaf English/Arabic Monthly Civil Service Association of South Arabia
Al-Kifah Arabic Daily Hussein Ali-Bayoomi.
Fatat-ul-Jeziral Arabic Daily Muhammad Ali Lokman
Magallet Adan Arabic Six-monthly B.P. Refinery (Aden) Ltd.
B.P. Jottings English Weekly B.P. Refinery (Aden) Ltd.
Aden Magazini English Six monthly B.P. Refinery (Aden) Ltd.
Akhbar-al-Masafi Arabic Weekly B.P. Refinery (Aden) Ltd.
Al-Yaqdha Arabic Daily Abdurrahman Girgirah
Arrai-Al-'Amm Arabic Weekly South Arabian League (M.S. Bawazeer)
Mir' at-al-Junoob Arabic Daily Muhammad Ahman Barakat
South Arabian Mirror English Weekly Muhammad Ahman Barakat
Al-Ayyam Arabic Daily Muhammad Ali Bashraheel
The Recorder English Weekly Muhammad Ali Bashraheel
Aden Chronicle English Weekly Muhammad Ali Lokman
Al-Watan Arabic Weekly Muhammad Said Husseiny
Reuters Daily Bulletin English Daily M/S a. Besse & Co. (Aden) Ltd.
Al-Akhbar Arabic Daily Mr. Ali M. Luqman
The Dhow English Weekly H.M. Forces
*Attariq Arabic Daily Muhammad Nasser Muhammad
*Al-Shuruq Arabic Daily Muhammad Hamed 'Aulaqi
*Al-Arab Arabic Weekly Ahmed Abdo Hamza
*Al-Anwar Arabic Weekly Abdulla Ahmed Al-Hamzi
*Al-Umma Arabic Weekly Al-Umma Party of South Arabia (Ali Ahmed Ismail)
*Al-Ummal Arabic Daily Aden Trades Union Congress (Ali Hussein Qadhi)
*Al-Ishtraki Arabic Daily Peoples' Socialist Party (Abdulla A. Majid Al-Asnag)
*Al-Wihdah Arabic Weekly Adnan Kamel Salah
*The Businessman English Monthly Muhammad Abdo Kassim
*Al-Qithar Arabic Monthly Ahmed bin Ahmed Qassem
*Al-Mar'a Arabic Monthly Miss Khadiga M. Luqman
*Al-Jihad Arabic Weekly Ali Muhammad Maqtari
*Al-Amal Arabic Weekly Abdulla Abdurrazzak Badeeb
*An-Nidhal Arabic Daily Muhammad Salem Ali Abdo
*Al-Alam Arabic Weekly Seiyid Aidarous Al-Hamed
*As-Sabah Arabic Daily Ali Abdulla Basahi
*Al-Haqq Arabic Weekly Abdullatif Kutbi Omer
*Al-Maseer Arabic Weekly Mustafa Shaher Abdul Karim
*Attalee' ah Arabic Daily Ayedh Salmin Basunaid
*† English Weekly Muhammad Ali Nasser
Al-'Adalah Arabic Weekly Abdulla Ahmed Ismail
*Dirasat English/Arabic Bi-monthly Graduates' Congress
*Al-Burkan Arabic Weekly Hashem A. Karim Jawee
*Al-Hurriyah Arabic Weekly Jaffer Hashem Kassim
Al-Mina' Arabic Weekly Ali Alwan Mulhi
*Suhair Arabic Weekly Muhammad Ali Bashraheel
* Not yet in publication. † Name not yet known.

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