HC Deb 02 March 1965 vol 707 cc218-21W
Captain Litchfield

asked the Secretary of State for Defence why the Statement on Defence Estimates 1965 omits the customary statement of the strength of the fleet and contains no full statement of new ships under construction; and if he will supply this information.

Mr. Healey

This information has been omitted because of the fundamental change in the character of the Statement on Defence Estimates. In previous years this retained the form of separate Service Memoranda, introduced by a short general Defence statement. This year the Statement deals with Defence Policy and the Defence Forces as a whole, thus reflecting the creation of a unified Ministry of Defence. In this document, the information supplied about the Royal Navy, the Army and Royal Air Force has been brought broadly into line, and some of the details pertaining only to a single Service has been discarded.

The information now requested is set out below.

Type/Class Operational or preparing for service Trials and Training Ships Fleet Support and Royal Fleet Auxiliaries permanently allocated to Fleet Support Reserve or undergoing long refit modernisation, conversion, etc.
(a) Guided Missile Destroyers 4 DEVONSHIRE KENT HAMPSHIRE LONDON
(b) Other destroyers 7 17
(c)Fleet pickets 3 1
(d) General purpose frigates (LEANDER Class) 8 2 1
(TRIBAL Class) 7
(e) Anti-aircraft frigates 3 1
(f)aircraft direction frigates 3 1
(g) anti-submarine frigates 20 14 13
Despatch vessels (Flag frigate) 1
Ice Patrol ship 1
(a) Nuclear 1
(b) 'A' Class 10 4
(c) OBERON Class 12
(d) PORPOISE Class 5 3
(e) "T" Class 7 1 2
(a) coastal 36 18 37
(b) inshore 4 45
Landing vessels 6 1 2
Coastal patrol craft 2 5 18
Survey vessels 13
Submarine depot ships 2 1
Submarine support ships 2
Escort Maintenance ships 3
Mine Countermeasures Support ships 3
Mine Countermeasures Maintenance ship 1
Repair ship 1
Accommodation ships 8
Helicopter Support ship 1
Mooring, salvage and boom vessels 27 8
Fleet Replenishment Tankers 12 1
Fleet Attendant Tankers 4
Freighting Tankers 7
Coastal Tanker 1
Fleet Replenishment ships 2
Armament Support ships 3
Store Support ships 2
Air Store Support Ships 2
Dry Cargo Freighters 2
Coastal Store Carriers 2
Degaussing vessels 3
DG range laying vessel 1
143 45 98 164

Class Number
Assault Ships 2
Guided Missile Destroyers 4
Frigates 11
Nuclear Submarines (Polaris) 4
Other Nuclear Submarines 2
Conventional Submarines 1
Helicopter Support Ship 1
Survey/Oceanographical Ships 3
Fleet Replenishment Ships 2
Fleet Replenishment Tankers 3
Stores Support Ships 3

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