HC Deb 27 July 1965 vol 717 cc55-6W

Engineering Standards Three posts calling for considerable engineering ability and experience, an interest in standards and either industrial experience or close contacts with industry. In one case knowledge of European languages and patent problems is desirable.


Two posts for:

  1. (1) an electronics specialist with a prime interest in the exploitation of electronic technique and developments;
  2. (2) a specialist in systems analysis, application of the feed back principle, digital and analogue computers, modern transducer, data recording and analyses techniques for automation studies.


One post for an experienced physicist or engineer with comprehensive experience in the field of instrument design, development or application.

Machine Tools

Two senior posts for:

  1. (1) Mechanical Engineer with operating experience in servo and electronic control systems;
  2. (2) Mechanical Production Engineer with experience in machine tool design and production processes.

Six other posts for Mechanical Engineers with experience in production engineering, servo control equipment or machine tools.


Two posts:

  1. (1) Metallurgist with broad background and good knowledge of industry;
  2. (2) Chemist with experience in the use of non-metallic inorganic materials and good knowledge of industry.


Technical Support Unit (28 posts)

Systems Appraisals

Thirteen posts for software design for scientific engineering, data processing and scientific engineering application.

Peripheral Equipment

Five posts for data preparation, verification equipment and for magnetic and other storage techniques and equipment.

Accommodation, Testing and Maintenance

Ten posts for planning, accommodation, installation, air conditioning and power plant problems, trial and acceptance tests of systems.

These posts require engineers experienced in the electronic and associated fields; a few will require also special mathematical ability.

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