HC Deb 19 January 1965 vol 705 cc2-3W
29. Mr. Arthur Lewis

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer to what extent a Member of Parliament with an outside income of £20,000 per annum, £30,000 per annum, and £40,000 per annum, respectively, in addition to his normal parliamentary salary of £1,750 per annum, would have to pay tax on the gross amount of £1,750 per annum, assuming the normal allowance for marriage allowance; and how much gross and net would be left to the Treasury if such a Member declined to draw his salary of £1,750 per annum in such circumstances.

Mr. Diamond

If the outside income were all earned, the extra tax at the current rates of tax on the top slice of £1,750 would be £1,553 2s. 6d. in each case and if all from investments, £1,207 19s. 8d. The gross saving to the Exchequer would therefore be £1,750 and the net saving either £196 17s. 6d. if the outside income is all earned, or £542 0s. 4d. if all from investments.

30. Mr. Arthur Lewis

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether, without divulging the names, he will publish in HANSARD a detailed list giving the number of Members of Parliament who have not drawn their parliamentary salaries, either wholly or in part, since October, 1951, until the latest date; and how many have notified him or the Department concerned of their desire not to draw the increase recently agreed by the House of Commons.

Mr. Diamond

The following is the information:

Date Number of Members not drawing full salary
1st October, 1951 6
1st October, 1952 5
1st October, 1953 4
1st October, 1954 2
1st October, 1955 2
1st October, 1956 2
1st October, 1957 16
1st October, 1958 16
1st October, 1959 4
1st October, 1960 4
1st October, 1961 4
1st October, 1962 2
1st October, 1963 2
23rd September, 1964 1
New Parliament (as at 18th January, 1965) 4*
*Two draw £1,750 or less.