HC Deb 02 August 1965 vol 717 cc205-8W
Commander Courtney

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if he will list the official premises of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and other East European countries now existing in London; and which of these premises, including residences, are accorded any degree of, diplomatic immunity in accordance with bilateral arrangements between the Governments concerned.

Mr. Padley

I list below the premises notified to the Foreign Office as being in the occupation of the Embassies concerned, either as premises of the Mission or as private residences of members of the diplomatic, administrative and technical staffs of the Missions.

Except where otherwise indicated all these premises enjoy inviolability under the normal provisions of Schedule 1 to the Diplomatic Privileges Act 1964.

Premises marked with an asterisk, being occupied by members of the service staff of the Czechoslovak and Hungarian Embassies, can claim inviolability in accordance with the special bilateral arrangements with these two countries which are sanctioned in Section 7(1) of the Diplomatic Privileges Act 1964.


12, Queen's Gate Gardens, S.W.7.

24, Queen's Gate Gardens, S.W.7.

104, Lancaster Gate, W.2.

Czechoslovak Embassy

53, Cadogan Gardens, S.W.3.

55 Cadogan Gardens, S.W.3, 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, 4th floor.

Basement and Ground floor, 55, Cadogan Gardens, S.W.3.

6 and 7, Kensington Palace Gardens, W.8.

60, Maitland Court, Lancaster Terrace, W.2.

14, Maitland Court, Lancaster Terrace, W.2.

Flat 30, 2, Porchester Gardens, W.2.

11, Queens Court, W.2.

65, Ralph Court, Queensway, W.2.

28, Lancaster Close, St. Petersburg Place, W.2.

76, Maitland Court, Lancaster Terrace, W.2.

43, Sussex Court, Spring Street, W.2.

Flat 34, 3–8, Porchester Gate, W.2.

1, Heron Court, Lancaster Gate, W.2.

6, Upper Belgrave Street, S.W.1.

5, Burgess Hill, N.W.2.

30, Lyndhurst Road, N.W.3.

50, Cadogan Gardens, S.W.3.

24, Chesterford Gardens, N.W.3.

77a, Queen's Court, Queensway, W.2.

10, Kidderpore Avenue, N.W.3.

Flats 4–6, 12, Langland Gardens, N.W.3.

Flats 4–5, 7, Lyndhurst Gardens, N.W.3.

16, Mapesbury Road, N.W.3.

29, Lyndhurst Road, N.W.3.

403, Howard House, Dolphin Square, S.W.1.

310, Duncan House, Dolphin Square, S.W.1.

70, Reddington Road, N.W.3.

3, Lyndhurst Gardens, N.W.3.

60, Redington Road, N.W.3.

19, Templewood Avenue, N.W.3.

260, Finchley Road, N.W.3.

Flats 3, 4, 5, 12 Heath Drive, N.W.3.

10, Lyndhurst Gardens, N.W.3.

*9, Cervantes Court, Inverness Terrace, W.2.

*62, Peters Court, Porchester Road, W.2.

Polish Embassy

[The question of inviolability of private residences of members of the administrative and technical staff of the Polish mission is at present under review.]

4, Templewood Avenue, N.W.3.

1st floor, 15, Daleham Gardens.

Flat 3, Mancroft Court, St. John's Wood Park, N.W.8.

Flat 4, Mancroft Court, St. John's Wood Park, N.W.8.

Flat 5, Hall floor, 9–13, Lancaster Grove, N.W.3.

Flat 8, 1st floor, 9–13, Lancaster Grove, N.W.3.

Flat 11, 1st floor, 9–13, Lancaster Grove, N.W.3.

Flat 12, 1st floor, 9–13, Lancaster Grove, N.W.3.

Flat 14, 2nd floor, 9–13, Lancaster Grove, N.W.3.

Flat 15, 2nd floor, 9–13, Lancaster Grove, N.W.3.

Flat 18, 2nd floor, 9–13, Lancaster Grove, N.W.3.

2nd and 3rd floor, 9–13, Lancaster Grove, N.W.3.

Ground floor, 9–13, Lancaster Grove, N.W.3.

48, Basing Hill, N.W.11.

15, Cornwall Gardens, S.W.7.

Flat 93, Clarence Gate Gardens, N.W.1.

Flat 7, 43, Upper Berkeley Street, W.1.

47, Portland Place, W.1.

39/40, Weymouth Mews, W.1.

15, Devonshire Street, W.1.

30B, Redington Road, Hampstead, N.W.3.

5, Maresfield Gardens, N.W.3.

18, Boltons Court, 220, Old Brompton Road, S.W.5.

16, Kidderpore Gardens, N.W.3.

23, Frognal, Hampstead, N.W.3.

22, Fitzjohn's Avenue, N.W.3.

3, Aberdare Gardens, Hampstead, N.W.6.

16, Devonshire Street, W.1.

19, Weymouth Street, W.1.

43, Holland Road, W.14.

100, Shoot-up Hill, N.W.2.

16, Greencroft Gardens, N.W.6.

18, Cadogan Square, S.W.1.

68, Greencroft Gardens, N.W.6.

15, Compayne Gardens, N.W.6.

146, Fordwych Road, N.W.2.

Hungarian Embassy

35, Eaton Place, S.W.1.

10, Lowndes Street, S.W.1.

Flat 14, 9–24, Montrose Court, Exhibition Road, S.W.7.

4, Moore Street, S.W.3.

82, Eaton Place, S.W.1.

33, Thurloe Court, Fulham Road, S.W.3.

22, Lincoln House, Basil Street, S.W.3.

10, Onslow Court, Drayton Gardens, S.W.10.

26, Lennox Gardens, S.W.1.

42. Cadogan Place, S.W.1.

Flat 1, 52, South Edwardes Square, W.8.

99, Elm Park Gardens, S.W.10.

21, Bolton Gardens, S.W.5.

69, Eaton Place, S.W.1.

15–17, Tedworth Square, S.W.3.

46, Eaton Place, S.W.1.

Flat 019, Nell Gwynn House, Sloane Avenue, S.W.3.

20, Milner Street, S.W.1.

5, Clareville Court, Clareville Grove, S.W.7.

Flat 9, 42, Cadogan Place, S.W.1.

8, Petersham House, Harrington Road, S.W.7.

*37, Sutton Court Road, Chiswick, W.4.

*25, Bolebec House, 10, Lowndes Street, S.W.1.

*20, Eaton Mews North, S.W.1.

*Flat 41, Basil Street, Lincoln House, S.W.3.

*16 Lowndes Close, S.W.1.

Rumanian Embassy

4, Palace Green, W.8.

5, Trebovir Road, S.W.5.

1, Belgrave Square, S.W.1.

Flat 7, 5, Ennismore Gardens, S.W.7.

26, Cadogan Square, S.W.1.

23, Upper Phillimore Gardens, W.8.

Flat 3, 37, Holland Park, W.11.

Flat 5, 7–9, Crastock Court, Queen's Gardens, W.2.

3, Porchester Gate, W.2.

11, Draycott Avenue, Cadogan Court, S.W.3.

5, Ovington Gardens, S.W.3.

17, Prince of Wales Terrace, W.8.

141, Park Mansions, Knightsbridge, S.W.1.

69, Cadogan Square, S.W.1.

56, Porchester Terrace, W.2.

Soviet Embassy

Mansion House, Seacox Heath Estate, Flimwell, Ticehurst.

18, Kensington Palace Gardens, W.8.

10, Kensington Palace Gardens, W.8.

13, Kensington Palace Gardens, W.8.

16, Kensington Palace Gardens, W.8.

5, Kensington Palace Gardens, W.8.

42, Holland Park, W.11.

43, Holland Park, W.11.

5, Addison Road, W.14.

79, Addison Road, W.14.

3, Rosary Gardens, S.W.7.

9, Earls Terrace, W.8.

10, Earls Terrace, W.8.

11, Earls Terrace, W.8.

21–23, Pembridge Villas, W.11.

23, Campden Hill Gardens, W.8.

32, Highgate West Hill, N.6.

33, Highgate West Hill, N.6.

7c, Berkeley Gardens, W.8.

85, Lexham Gardens, W.8.

3A, Palace Court, W.8.

61, Baron's Keep, W.14.

114, Latymer Court, Hammersmith Road, W.6.