HC Deb 20 November 1964 vol 702 cc108-20W
Mr. Dean

asked the Prime Minister if he will publish details of each commission or committee appointed by Her Majesty's Government since January 1962 which has not yet reported, showing its name, chairman, terms of reference, and estimated date of report

The Prime Minister

The particulars asked for are as follows

Commissions and committees Name Terms of Reference Estimated date of Report
Legal Records—cont. Lord Denning—cont. other classes of those records should be retained; and to advise whether, with a view to saving storage space, any arrangements should be made for the microfilming of any of the above mentioned legal records. spring, 1965—cont.
Positive Covenants Affecting Land Lord Wilberforce To consider whether and to what extent it is desirable to amend the law relating to the enforcement and assignability of positive covenants affecting land. Spring, 1965
Court of Criminal Appeal Lord Donovan (1) Whether it would be in the public interest to transfer the hearing of all or some of the cases now heard by the Court of Criminal Appeal (namely appeals and applications for leave to appeal against conviction, appeals against sentence and references by the Home Secretary) to the Court of Appeal or some other Court; and if so as to the manner in which that Court should be constituted, the powers it should have and the procedure to be followed.(2) If in the view of the Committee the Court of Criminal Appeal should retain the whole or part of its current jurisdiction whether any and, if so. What changes are desirable Autumn, 1965
(a) in the constitution powers, practice and procedure of the Court;
(b) in the system and procedure for giving notice of appeals and applications and in the functions and practice of the Criminal Appeal Office.
Succession Rights of Illegitimate Persons The Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Russell To consider whether any alterations are desirable in the law of succession to property in England and Wales and in Scotland in relation to illegitimate persons. Summer, 1965
Mechanical Recording of Court Proceedings The Hon. Mr. Justice Baker To consider and advise on schemes for mechanical recording of court proceedings for the transcription of material so recorded, and all matters incidental thereto. Not yet known
Pricing of Aviation Contracts Sir John Lang, G.C.B. To investigate the circumstances in which the prices agreed by the Ministry of Aviation for a contract for the supply of guided weapons may have allowed an excessive profit to the firm concerned; and to recommend whether any changes in organisation or procedure are necessary to ensure a better assessment of prices for similar contracts in the future. Mid-December, 1964 (Second Report)
(The first part of the report, on the first part of the terms of reference, published in July, 1964.)
Commissions and committees Name Terms of Reference Estimated date of Report
Social Studies The Rt. Hon. Lord Heyworth To review the research at present being done in the field of social studies in Government Departments, Universities, and other institutions, and to advise whether changes are needed in the arrangements for supporting and co-ordinating this research. Spring, 1965
Jury Service The Rt. Hon. Lord Morris of Borth-y-Gest, C.B.E., M.C To enquire in to the law and practice in England and Wales regarding the qualifications for, exemptions from, and conditions of jury service, and related matters; and to make recommendations. January, 1965
Experiments on Living Animals Sir Sydney Littlewood To consider the present control over experiments on living animals and to consider whether, and if so what, changes are desirable in the law or its administration. Early, 1964
Criminal Statistics Mr. Wilfred Perks To consider and report what changes, if any, are desirable in existing arrangements in England and Wales for the recording and reporting for statistical purposes of information about criminal offences and proceedings, and about non-criminal proceedings in magistrates' courts, and in the collection and presentation of statistics relating to these matters. 1966
Licensing Planning Mr. J. Ramsay Willis, Q.C. To consider and report whether:— 1965
(a)in war-damaged areas to which Part II of the Licensing Act 1953 applies, there is a continuing need for the licensing planning machinery for which it provides:
(b)in other areas of major redevelopment or more generally there is a need for this or other machinery for securing that the number, nature and distribution of licensed premises accord with local requirements; and
(c)in either case, if there is such a need, the machinery should apply to on-licences only or also to off-licences.
Coroners and Death Certification Mr. Norman Brodrick, Q.C. To review:— Not yet known
(a)the law and practice relating to the issues of medical certificates of the cause of death and for the disposal of dead bodies; and
(b)the law and practice relating to coroners and coroners' courts, the reporting of deaths to the coroner and related matters and to advise whether any changes are desirable.
Commissions and Committees Name Terms of Reference Estimated date of Report
Sheriff Courts The Rt. Hon. Lord Grant, Q.C. (1)to inquire into the appropriate function of the Sheriff Court in the administration of the Civil and Criminal Law in Scotland, and to consider its constitution and jurisdiction in relation thereto; Early, 1966
(2) to consider the number and distribution of Sheriff Courts;
(3) to inquire into the present organisation, practice and procedure of the Sheriff Court;
(4) to inquire into the existing rights of appeal from decision of the Sheriff Court in Civil and Criminal cases;
(5) to consider what changes, if any, might be desirable in respect of any said matters in order to secure more speedy, economical and satisfactory despatch of Civil and Criminal business; and to report.
Scottish Criminal Statistics Mr. A. Thomson, Q. C. To review the present arrangements for the recording, reporting, collection and presentation of the Scottish Criminal Statistics and to report what changes, if any, may be desirable. Not yet known
General Medical Services in the Highlands and Islands Sheriff Harald R. Leslie, C.B.E., T.D., Q.C. To consider the arrangements for the provision of General Medical Services in the Highlands and Islands within the framework of the Health Services generally; and to make recommendations. 1966
Conveyancing Legislation and Practice Professor J.M. Halliday To examine and report on existing Conveyancing Legislation and Practice in relation to heritable and moveable property and to make recommendations with a view to amending or new legislation. Late 1965
Conditions of Service of Teachers in Further Education in Scotland Mr. A. G. Rodger, O.B.E. To review the conditions of service of teachers engaged whole-time in further education in the light of developments since 1955; to consider what changes may be necessary and to report. April, 1965
Scottish Salmon and Trout Fisheries The Rt. Hon. Lord Hunter, Q.C. To consider the law relating to salmon and trout fisheries in Scotland, including the Tweed (Summary). May, 1965
Working Party on Pensions for Teacher's Widows and other Dependants Mr. W. Pile M.B.E. In the light of the report of the working party appointed by the associations of local education authorities and education committees, the London County Council and the Teachers' associations, to prepare a scheme or schemes of pensions for widows, widowers, children and other dependants of teachers in England and Wales for consideration by the Minister and the bodies represented on the working party. Towards the end of 1964
The Lewis Committee Professor M. M. Lewis To consider the place, if any, of finger spelling and signing in the education of the deaf. Late Autumn, 1966
Commissions and Committees Name Terms of Reference Estimated date of Report
Audio-Visual Aids in Higher Scientific Education Dr. Brynmor Jones, M.B.E. To survey the current use of audiovisual aids in teaching and research in the pure and applied sciences in institutions of higher education in Great Britain and, taking into account their use in similar fields in comparable institutions in selected countries overseas, to assess their potential usefulness and possible lines of development in Great Britain; and to report. Early 1965
London Housing Survey Sir Milner Holland. C.B.E., Q.C To survey the housing situation in Greater London (as defined in the London Government Act, 1963) with particular reference to the use, maintenance and management of rented accommodation, whether privately or publicly owned, and to the relations between the occupiers of rented accommodation and private land lords. Early 1965
People in Local Government:
1. Management Committee Sir John Maud, G.C.B., C.B.E. To consider in the light of modern conditions, how local government might best continue to attract and retain people (both elected representatives and principal officers) of the calibre necessary to ensure its maximum effectiveness. Summer, 1965
2. Staffing Committee Sir George Mallaby, K.C.M.G., O.B.E. To consider the existing methods of recruiting local government officers and of using them; and what changes might help local authorities to get the best possible service and help their officers to give it.
(These two committees were set up by the Minister of Housing and Local Government at the request of the four main local authority associations.)
Chemical Analysis of Sewage, Sewage Effluents and Trade Effluents Dr. A. Key To revise the report entitled "Methods of Chemical Analysis as applied to Sewage and Sewage Effluents", and now to include Trade Effluents. 1967 (at the earliest)
Disposal of Toxic Wastes Dr. A. Key To consider present methods of disposal of solid and semi-solid toxic wastes from the chemical and allied industries, to examine suggestions for improvement, and to advise what, if any, changes are desirable in current practice, in the facilities available for disposal, and in control arrangements, in order to ensure that such wastes are disposed of safely and without the risk of polluting water supplies and rivers. 1966 (at the earliest)
Legal Status of the Welsh Language Sir David Hughes-Parry, Q.C. To clarify the legal status of the Welsh language and to consider whether any changes in the law ought to be sought. Early 1965
Commissions and Committees Name Terms of Reference Estimated date of Report
The Present Dispute in the Port Transport Industry Decasualisation, and causes of dissension in the industry and other matters affecting efficiency of working The Rt. Hon. Lord Devlin To inquire into: (1) the causes and circumstances of the present dispute between the two sides of the National Joint Council for the Port Transport Industry:(2) decasualisation:(3) causes of dissension in the industry and other matters affecting efficiency of working; and to report. First report shortly
Statutory Holdings Professor M. J. Wise, M.C. To review and report on the working of existing legislation relating to smallholdings provided by County Councils and other authorities in England and Wales, to investigate their economic position in relation to estates owned or managed by them and their current management problems having regard to their statutory responsibilities; and to advise in the light of this review:— Not before the end of 1965.
(a) on the future provision that should be made for smallholdings, including their use and management, and on any statutory or other changes that might accordingly be desirable having regard to all relevant factors, including developments in general agricultural policy and practice;
(b) on the form which any future financial support might take;
(c) on the division of administrative responsibility between central and local government or other authorities.
Conditions in Intensive Systems of Livestock Husbandry Professor F. W. Rogers Brambell, To examine the conditions in which livestock are kept under systems of intensive husbandry and to advise whether standards ought to be set in the interests of their welfare and if so what they should be. Not yet known
Licensing of Road Goods Transport Lord Geddes, C.B.E. In the light of present-day conditions, to examine the operation and effects of the system of carriers' licences first introduced by the Road and Rail Traffic Act 1933 and as subsequently modified by statute; and to make recommendations. Not yet known
Assessment of Disablement The Rt. Hon. Lord McCorquodale of Newton To examine Schedule 1 and Schedule 3, Table 1 to the Royal Warrant of 24th May, 1949 (Cmd. 7699) and Schedule 2 to the National Insurance (Industrial Injuries) (Benefit) Regulations 1964 (S.I. 1964 No. 504) which relate to the assessment of certain disablement and Nor yet known
(i) to consider in the light of any relevant developments since 1948, whether any, and if so what, modification in the lists of specified disablements, or variation in the assessments of such disablements, is desirable; and
(ii) to consider whether there is any case for special provision by way of supplementary compensation confined to disablement due to amputation, either generally or in relation to advancing age; and to report.
Commissions and Committees Name Terms of Reference Estimated date of Report
Drug Addiction Lord Brain To consider whether in the light of recent experience the advice the committee gave in 1961 in relation to the prescribing of addictive drugs by doctors needs revising and if so to make recommendations. Early 1965
Senior Nursing Staff Structure Mr. B. Salmon To advise on the senior nursing staff structure in the hospital service (ward sister and above), the administrative functions of the respective grades, and the methods of preparing staff for them. September, 1965
Agrément Sir Donald Gibson, C.B.E. To examine the origins, purpose and operations of the French Agrément System; to consider whether there is a need in the United Kingdom for arrangements for testing and proving materials, components and methods of building of a more formal nature than those which already exist, and, if so, to examine questions of organisation and finance; to obtain the views of interested organisations, particularly those in the building industry and the associated professions; and to make recommendations. Mid-1965 or earlier