HC Deb 24 March 1964 vol 692 cc58-9W
54. Mr. Albu

asked the Lord President of the Council and Minister for Science if he will list the grants made by the Medical Research Council and by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research for research in medical engineering.

Mr. Hogg

There is no generally accepted definition of the term "medical engineering", but the following grants by the Research Councils would probably fall within the field which the hon. Member has in mind:


Biomechanics Research Group, Royal College of Science and Technology Glasgow (Honorary Director: Professor R. M. Kenedi): application of engineering principles to the study of physiological processes.

Research Grants: Dr. P. R. Davis (Department of Anatomy, Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, London)—Effects of material handling methods on respiratory and trunk mechanics. Dr. J. N. Nightingale, (Department of Engineering, University of Leicester)—An automatic upper arm prosthesis. Dr. J. A. Ambrose (Paediatric Unit, St. Mary's Hospital, London)—The nature of distress reactions in infancy (using telemetering techniques). Professor R. C. Curran and Dr. Hales (Department of Pathology, St. Thomas's Hospital Medical School, London)—Development of a scanning X-ray micron-analyser for quantitative cytochemistry. Sir Stewart Duke-Elder (Institute of Ophthalmology, London)—Investigation of the Potentialities of lasers in ophthalmology. Dr. J. R. Mallard (Department of Physics, Hammersmith Hospital, London)—Improved quantitative scanning techniques for radioisotope localisation. Dr. I. P. Priban, National Physical Laboratory, Teddington—Investigation into the control of breathing using control systems theory and an analogue computer. Mr. H. F. Freundlich and Mr. M. A. Bullen (Bristol Royal Infirmary)—Use of ultrasonics for medical diagnosis. Mr. E. Ne'e man (Building Research Station)—Fluorescent lighting in hospitals. Professor R. E. O. Williams and Dr. O. M. Lidwell (Cross Infection Reference Laboratory, Colindale)—Comfort conditions in operating theatres. Mr. N. S. Billington (Heating and Ventilating Research Association Laboratories)—Ventilating and air conditioning of Hospital Operating Theatres.


Research Grants: Dr. P. W. Bothwell, Public Health and Hygiene Inst., Bristol—Experimental crashing of motor cycles with anthropomorphic dummies. Dr. A. Ward, Royal College of Science and Technology, Glasgow—Automatic scanning and examination of cell and human chromosomes, with storage of information. Professor B. Crossland and Mr. G. S. A. Blair, The Queen's University, Belfast—The explosive forming and electrohydraulic forming of stainless steel dentures. Professor R. M. Barrer, Imperial College of Science and Technology, London—Surface and colloid chemical investigation of opalite and of synthetic materials of fundamental interest as dental restoratives.

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