HC Deb 23 July 1964 vol 699 cc120-1W
Mr. H. Clark

asked the Secretary for Technical Co-operation what are the principal benefits conferred by membership of Special List A; and what are the prospects of further employment of Special List A officers who leave Nigeria.

Mr. Carr

1. The principal benefits are:—

  1. (a) Special List "A" officers are in the service of the British Government and seconded to a Nigerian public service; their retirement benefits including dependants' pensions are paid by the British Government and recovered from the Nigerian Government concerned;
  2. (b) if an officer's secondment to Nigeria is terminated through no fault of his own, the British Government will make every effort to find him suitable alternative employment;
  3. (c) after such termination an officer is entitled, pending assignment to other employment, to additional pensionable leave on full pay for a period not exceeding five years or until the age of 55;
  4. (d) an officer who is dissatisfied with his conditions of employment may apply to have his secondment to Nigeria terminated;
  5. (e) an officer is entitled to retirement on pension, and lump sum compensation where applicable, where it has not been possible to arrange suitable employment and the officer has—
    1. (i) completed at least 12 months' additional leave; or
    2. (ii) has completed five years' additional leave or reached the age of 55.

2. As a result of constitutional developments in British overseas territories, opportunities for transfer outside Nigeria to comparable posts have diminished since the Special List "A" Agreements were concluded in 1957. In the majority of cases, therefore, further employment is likely to take the form of a series of assignments to overseas posts which are not themselves pensionable, but in respect of which these officers will be pensionable under the Overseas Service Act, 1958.

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