HC Deb 22 July 1964 vol 699 c85W
Mr. C. Morrison

asked the Minister of Transport how many additional miles of dual carriageway, excluding motorway, came into use in Great Britain each year from 1945–1963, inclusive; and what is the yearly forecast over the next five years.

Mr. Marples

The available information is as follows:

Dual carriageway in use at end of 1945 382.5
Dual carriageway brought into use between 1945 and March, 1954 106.0
Dual carriageway brought into use in:
1954–55 3.5
1955–56 8.0
1956–57 17.5
1957–58 28.0
1958–59 44.5
1959–60 67.0
1960–61 120.5
1961–62 70.0
1962–63 55.0
1963–64 129.0
Forecast of mileage of dual carriageway to be brought into use:
1964–65 146.5
1965–66 105.0


(1) Figures are for England, Wales and Scotland.

(2) Motorways are excluded.

(3) Figures for the individual years prior to 1954–55 are not readily available.

(4) It would be misleading to attempt to give forecasts for the years 1966–67, 1967–68 and 1968–69 since the mileage for each will depend upon the dates on which particular road works are started. A variation in the starting dates of only a few months for some of the schemes would make a significant difference to the mileages brought into use in each of these years.

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