HC Deb 06 July 1964 vol 698 cc32-3W
Mr. Hilton

asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food what the average weekly value of the payments in kind received by adult male farm workers was for the year ended September, 1963; what percentage of their total earnings was represented by their payments in kind; what the percentage was of those workers who received payments in kind, such as cottages, potatoes, and board and lodging, and the percentage of farm workers not in receipt of any premium above the minimum wage.

Mr. Scott-Hopkins

In the year ended 30th September, 1963, the average value of payments in kind received by adult male hired regular whole-time farm workers in England and Wales was evaluated at 6s. 8d. a week. This represents 2.8 per cent. of their average weekly earnings. 49 per cent. of these workers received payment in the form of cottages, 23 per cent. in the form of milk, 5 per cent. in the form of board and lodging, 6 per cent. as potatoes and 5 per cent. in various other ways. Some workers received more than one type of payment in kind.

June,1963 Year ended September, 1963
Numbers of workers Percentage distribution Average Premium per week Percentage excess of wages received over statutory wages Percentage who received no premium
Thousands Percentage s. d.
General workers 112.9 41 13 6 7 26
Bailiffs and foremen 18.0 6 57 7 31 2
Cowmen 19.1 7 28 4 12 10
Other stockmen 21.3 8 23 9 12 12
Tractor drivers 35.5 13 15 9 7 14
Market gardeners 17.2 6 20 0 11 19
Ancillary workers 5.2 2 31 11 15 6
Family workers* 46.5 17 n.a. n.a. n.a.
*Including junior partners but excluding family workers covered by the occupational groups.