HC Deb 14 February 1964 vol 689 cc125-34W
Mr. McInnes

asked the Prime Minister if he will publish details of each commission or committee appointed by the Government since January, 1962, which has not yet reported, showing its name, terms of reference, date of inaugural meeting and estimated date of report.

Mr. Selwyn Lloyd

I have been asked to reply.

The particulars asked for are as follows:

Commissions and Committees Terms of reference Date of inaugural Meeting Estimated date of Report
Demand for Agricultural Graduates. To assess the present and future demand, at home and abroad, by agriculture (including horticulture), its associated industries and public services for graduates from agriculture and other faculties or departments of universities in the United Kingdom. 29.11.62 March/April, 1964.
Legal Records To consider the classes of records existing or accruing in the various offices of the Supreme Court (including records of the Admiralty Registry, records created in contentious probate proceedings and records of the Supreme Court Pay Office), in the District Registries of the High Court, in the High Court of Bankruptcy and in the County Courts and those transferred to the Public Record Office and to advise which classes of those records should be permanently preserved and for what purposes and to recommend the periods for which the other classes of those records should be retained; and to advise whether, with a view to saving storage space, any arrangements should be made for the microfilming of any of the above mentioned legal records. 12.2.63 1965.
Licensed Residential Establishment and Wages Council. To consider whether the field of operation of the Licensed Residential Establishment and Licensed Restaurant Wages Council should be varied by the exclusion from the field of operation of workers employed in the hotel and catering services of the nationalised railways. 29.4.63 May, 1964.
Turnover Taxation To inquire into the practical effects of the introduction of a form of turnover tax, either in addition to existing taxation, or in substitution either for the purchase tax or the profits tax or both. In conducting the inquiry regard should be had to (a) the development of the economy and the promotion of exports (b) the fair distribution of the burden of taxation; (c) the maintenance of the revenue; and (d) efficiency in tax collection and administration. 7.5.63 In the near future.
Dental Review To review the dental staffing structure in Scottish hospitals in the light of the principles set out in the report of the Joint Working Party on the medical staffing structure in the hospital service; and to make recommendations about the organisation of the dental staffing in each hospital region and the number, type and distribution of posts required. 27.5.63 Whitsun, 1964.
Conditions of Service of Teachers in Further Education. To review the conditions of service of teachers engaged whole-time in further education in the light of developments since 1955 to consider what changes may be necessary and to report. 13.6.63 September, 1964.
Jury Service To enquire into the law and practice in England and Wales regarding the qualifications for, exemption from, and conditions of jury service, and related matters; and to make recommendations. 14.6.63 Late 1964.

Commissions and Committees Terms of reference Date of inaugural Meeting Estimated date of Report
Impact of Rates To assess the impact of Rates on households in different income groups and in different parts of Great Britain, with special regard to any circumstances likely to give rise to hardship. 17.6.63 Summer, 1964.
Experiments on Living Animals. To consider the present control over experiments on living animals and to consider whether, and if so, what changes are desirable in the law or its administration. 25.6.63 Late 1964.
Social Studies To review the research at present being done in the field of social studies in Government Departments, Universities and other institutions, and to advise whether changes are needed in the arrangements for supporting and co-ordinating this research. 10.7.63 Not yet known.
Criminal Statistics To consider and report what changes, if any, are desirable in existing arrangements in England and Wales for the recording and reporting for statistical purposes of information about criminal offences and proceedings, and about non-criminal proceedings in magistrates' courts, and in the collection and presentation of statistics relating to these matters. 11.7.63 1965.
Motor Rallies To advise the Minister of Transport on the exercise of his powers for regulating motoring events on the public highway under Section 36 of the Road Traffic Act 1962. 17.7.63 February/March, 1964.
The Clergy in War To consider and make recommendations on the rôle of the clergy in war, the assistance which ought to be made available to enable the clergy to carry out their responsibilities, and the way in which this assistance might be given by the civil defence services. 24.7.63 Spring, 1964.
Positive Covenants Affecting Land. To consider whether and to what exter[...]t it is desirable to amend the law relating to the enforcement and assignability of positive covenants affecting land. 30.7.63 Late, 1964.
Smallholdings Policy To review and report on the working of existing legislation relating to small holdings provided by County Councils and other authorities in England and Wales, to investigate their economic position in relation to estates owned or managed by them and their current management problems having regard to their statutory responsibilities; and to advise in the light of this review;—(a) on the future provision that should be made for smallholdings, including their use and management, and on and statutory or other changes that might accordingly be desirable having regard to all relevant factors, including developments in general agricultural policy and practice; (b) on the form which any future financial support might take; (c) on the division of administrative responsibility between central and local government or other authorities. 12.8.63 Not yet known.

Commissions and Committees Terms of reference Date of inaugural Meeting Estimated date of Report
Sheriff Courts (1) To enquire into the appropriate function of the Sheriff Court in the administration of the Civil and Criminal Law of Scotland, and to consider its constitution and jurisdiction in relation thereto; (2) to consider the number and distribution of Sheriff Courts; (3) to enquire into the present organisation, practice and procedure of the Sheriff Court; (4) to enquire into the existing rights of appeal from decisions of the Sheriff Court in civil and criminal cases; (5) to consider what changes, if any, might be desirable with respect to any of the said matters in order to secure the more speedy, economical and satisfactory despatch of civil and criminal business; and to report. 30.8.63 Not yet known.
Legal Status of the Welsh Language. To clarify the legal status of the Welsh Language and to consider whether any changes in the law ought to be sought. 5.9.63 Late 1964.
London Housing Survey To survey the housing situation in Greater London (as defined in the London Government Act, 1963) with particular reference to the use, maintenance and management of rented accommodation whether privately or publicly owned, and to the relations between the occupiers of rented accommodation and private landlords. 16.9.63 Not yet known
Senior Hospital Nurses To advise on the senior nursing staff structure in the hospital service (ward sister and above), the administration functions of the respective grades and the methods of preparing staff to occupy them. 18.9.63 September, 1965.
Carriers Licences In the light of present day conditions, to examine the operation and effects of the system of carriers licences first introduced by the Road and Rail Traffic Act 1933, and as subsequently modified by statute; and to make recommendations. 25.10.63 Not yet known.
Pay and conditions of Employment of the Drivers and Conductors of the London Transport Board's Road Services. To review the pay and conditions of employment of the drivers and conductors of the London Transport Board's road services in the light of the Board's manpower requirements for those services, the Board's statutory responsibilities, the working and operating conditions in London traffic, and the likely repercussions of any changes on other employments paying due regard to the possibilities of increasing the efficiency of London Transport's road services and to the considerations affecting national economic growth; and to report. 26.11.63 March, 1964.
Closure of Royal Ordnance Factory Woolwich. To review the various activities now going on or proposed for the western end of Woolwich Arsenal in the light of the closure of the Royal Ordnance Factory in early 1966, and to make recommendations to what extent it is necessary to retain land in Woolwich Arsenal for Government use. 17.12.63 mid 1964.

Commissions and Committees Terms of reference Date of inaugural Meeting Estimated date of Report
Scottish Criminal Statistics. To review the present arrangements for the recording, reporting, collection and presentation of the Scottish crimina statistics and to report what changes if any, may be desirable. 6.1.64 Not yet known.
Hague Convention on Adoption. To consider the implications of the draft convention prepared by the Special Commission of The Hague Conference on Private International law on the subject of inter-country adoptions and to advise what, if any, modifications are desirable. 9.1.64 April, 1964.
Causes and circumstances of the decision of the Yorkshire Winding Enginemen's Association to call a series of one day strikes starting on 8th January, 1964. To inquire into the causes and circumstances of the decision of the Yorkshire Winding Enginemen's Association to call a series of one-day strikes, beginning on 8th January, 1964. 9.1.64 End of February, 1964.
President Kennedy Memorial. To consider the suggestions that have been and may be made and to recommend what form a memorial might take. 17.1.64 Not yet known.
Remuneration of Ministers and Members of Parliament. To review, and to recommend what changes are desirable in, the remuneration of Mr. Speaker, Ministers of the Crown and Members of the House of Commons and also the allowance for Members of the House of Lords, having regard to their responsibilities, to the place of Parliament in the national life and to the changes which have taken place, since the existing emoluments were fixed in general standards or remuneration, and to the increases in expenses borne by Members of both Houses in the discharge of their duties. January, 1964. As soon as possible after the General Election.
French Agrement System and the possibility of introducing comparable arrangements in the United Kingdom. To examine the origins, purpose and operations of the French Agrement System to consider whether there is a need in the United Kingdom for arrangements for testing and proving materials, components and methods of building of a more formal nature than those which already exist, and, if so, to examine questions of organisation and finance; to obtain the views of interested organisations, particularly those in the building industry and the associated professions, and to make recommendations. Later this month. Not yet known.
Aviation Contract Enquiry. To investigate the circumstances in which the prices agreed by the Ministry of Aviation for a contract for the supply of guided weapons may have allowed an excessive profit to the firm concerned, and to recommend whether any changes in organisation or procedure are necessary to ensure better assessment of prices for similar contracts in future. January, 1964. May/June, 1964.