HC Deb 10 February 1964 vol 689 cc21-2W

Meeting in Paris on 26th November, 1963.

Having regard to the Report of the Committee of De nines concerning a plan of action for the reduction of town traffic noise;


—that the town traffic noise disturbs the population and may sometimes become a threat to public health, especially in residential quarters and in the neighbourhood of sanitoria, hospitals, schools, etc. and especially at the approaches to crucial traffic points,

—that such noise has a strong tendency to increase in towns, to the extent that the authorities of several Member countries have already taker measures to curb it.

Considering it necessary

—that Member countries of the E.C.M.T. should decide on a standard method of measurement and uniform principles for reducing town traffic noise that will produce concrete results as quickly as possible and, for the same reason, considering it necessary to improve and standardise the regulations already in force.

RECOMMENDS that Member countries should:

  1. (i) Adopt a uniform and internationally recognised method of measuring the noise made by motor vehicles and ensure that it is used when vehicles are officially inspected;
  2. (ii) Define maximum permissible levels in accordance with the standardisation recommended by the E.C.M.T., if this has not already been done;
  3. (iii) Conduct any studies needed in connection with the reduction of town traffic noise.

I have consulted the appropriate organisations on proposals for Regulations prescribing maximum permissible noise levels for various classes of motor vehicles and methods of measuring noise from motor vehicles. The comments received on these proposals are now being considered and I intend to introduce Regulations at the earliest possible date.

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