HC Deb 17 December 1964 vol 704 cc147-8W
Captain Kerby

asked the Minister of Overseas Development what is the total value of loans and grants, in cash and in kind, made to Kenya and Rhodesia, excluding Zambia and Malawi, since 1st January, 1964; and what is the policy of Her Majesty's Government on extending aid in future to Rhodesia.

Mrs. Castle

Under the terms of the settlements made on her independence, Kenya has since 1st January, 1964, received from Her Majesty's Government in loans and grants £15,916,076, of which £8,341,792 was grant. The following table shows the major items:

Grant Loan
£m £m
Contribution to cost of Compensation and Commutation of Pensions of retiring expatriate officials 4.241
Overseas Service Aid Scheme (assistance to cost of employment of expatriate officers in public services) 2.450
Land Settlement 2.288 2.072
Land Bank 1.000
Farm Compassionate Cases 0.400 0.261
Budgetary Assistance 1.250
General Development 0.442
Military Assistance 1.160*
*£m 0.560 provided in kind.

(This excludes the value of barracks and other military assets, including equipment, handed over to the Kenya Government by 12th December, 1964: approximately £10.4m).

financial year, and for the same period of 1963–64.

Mrs. Castle

The following table shows the disbursements on overseas aid from United Kingdom Government funds during the first six months of the financial years 1963–64 and 1964–65, respectively.

Disbursements on aid to Rhodesia consist of about £300,000 for the University College, Salisbury, £2 million in respect of short term debt taken over from the Federation and £16,000 on technical assistance. The question of further aid is a matter for consultation with the Rhodesia Government.